“Your Phone”, the exciting new app from Microsoft for Android and iOS

Some time ago Microsoft wanted to compete with Android and iOS face-to-face using the Windows Phone, but the company found that the best way to be relevant in this industry was not competing with Android and iOS, but by joining them, that’s why from some time ago has been developing new applications and services for the two most used operating systems in the world.

And today, the company has presented Your Phone in its conference for developers, known as Build 2018, and which presents features that can be interesting for many users of Windows, Android and iOS.

This application allows you to do “mirroring” the screen of our phone to our computer, and thus be able to control some features from our machine with Windows 10.

For those who do not know that it is the “mirroring”, this is a mirror with which we can transmit and control what we see on the screen of a device to another. And in the case of “Your Phone” we will be able to access text messages, photos and notifications on our phone from your own computer.

Microsoft seems to working on a Windows 10 for slow computers

As previously mentioned, this function we have already seen in other applications such as AirDroid, Pushbullet, etc, which they may even offer more options than YourPhone, but where we are faced with two very common problems; the difficulty to use some features, and the incompatibility with some computers.

It is here where goes Microsoft, so Your Phone will work with all computers that use Windows 10, but have not given details of the minimum versions of Android and iOS compatible, although it is likely that in the case of Android it requires, as a minimum, the version 5.0 Lollipop, while iOS needed version 10 to work.

As I mentioned, Your Phone may be used just this week by the users of Windows Insider, although it will be up to the autumn update when it arrives for the public in general, and you probably have many more options to use.

What do you think of this new proposal from Microsoft?

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