Youtube creates new thumbnails automatic for the videos

The thumbnails of the videos found on Youtube, have undergone a change after the small and short experiment made by the platform to make a general image that would serve as a cover page.

The company began to create thumbnail preview automatically, leaving aside those that content creators made for themselves to call the attention of the public and to enter your channel.

It is well known that a good cover creates interest in the people, so that you should be paying attention to the colors, words, images, and other elements that are added, there are even tutorials of how to do this in the right way for a bigger number of viewers and hence, a good monetary income.

With the creation of the thumbnails as automatic part of Youtube, the people who made the videos feel they have no power over the image, because in some cases they do not represent the idea of what it is about your content.

The experiment that will affect 0.3 percent of the users, which will be replaced by the images that they designed, has begun to cause pains in them, who complain on their social networks because they believe it is going over the editing work carried out with both time and dedication.

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However, this fact is not being made to that end, it’s more about taking care of the various interests and obligations that have brands with Youtube and visceversa.

The company commented via Twitter, that this decision is made to test the efficacy of the thumbnails that are generated in an automated manner:

Although it has been explained the purpose of the research, the creators are still in a posture of refusal that is reinforced by the fact that no one asked for your consent to such changes, and in this way, it is damaging the posture that you have in front of your audience.

In addition to state that they do not have been warned about such changes, citing the lack of transparency that there is in the relationship you have with the platform; but despite these disagreements, Youtube continues with its plan and apparently did not give back.

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