YouTube launches one of the most successful of Google Chrome

One of the great absent of the I/O 2018 was YouTube, although it is likely that the major changes to the platform come in the summer with the announcement of YouTube Remix, the new music platform streaming Google, however, the company continues to test new features, and one of them has been taken out of Google Chrome.

According to a report in Android Police, YouTube has launched a new feature of incognito Mode that works the same way it does in Google Chrome, that is to say, with this tool all the play history, search for videos and other activities will not be recorded in the application when you use.

The incognito Mode is an interesting tool if you are using a computer that is not ours, or, if we do not want someone to be able to access our history of views or searches in the application.

So you can control your addiction to YouTube

To use the incognito mode by clicking on our avatar at the top right of the screen and below you can see the option “incognito Mode”.

This function is being unfolded gradually, as Google is releasing progressively in the servers, so you’ll probably spend a few hours or days so you can use it.

Do you think this function is necessary on YouTube?

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