10 Attitudes of the men which reveal that there is no love in your relationship

Do you also you’ve run into some time with patterns of strange behavior in men? It seems as if they have been specially developed in a secret lab male with the sole objective of confusing to women.

There is to stop it at all costs, so Great.guru has discovered the truth and is quick today to share it with you.

10. Disappears for months and then returns as if nothing

What happened. Suddenly, appeared after a long absence.

What do you think about it. I was too busy and could not contact me at all this time. He was kidnapped and just escaped this morning. He was in jail, the victim of a false accusation. But he, of course, he thought about me every minute.

What happens of truth. “I wonder if she is still alive, do you love me?”

9. First writes, but does not continue the conversation

What happened. He starts a conversation and goes away.

What do you think about it. There was something urgent. It ran out of battery. He was abducted by the aliens. A seagull flew by and stole the phone. But without a doubt I wanted to talk to me.

What happens of truth. Just wanted you to acordases of him in your life now it all starts to go well and you start to forget your past.

8. Do not try to move the virtual communication to real life

What happened. Constantly communicate online, but have not received any proposal to meet in person.

What do you think about it. He is very modest and afraid of the rejection. Still not ready to meet a girl who is so irresistible. Afraid of their feelings. But definitely, sooner or later, I will propose an appointment.

What happens of truth. Do not want any appointment. Just want to chat, but not in real life.

7. You used in your games dirty

What happened. What you spent with him very well, but suddenly fizzled out.

What do you think about it. You need time to accept the fact that you have found a true treasure: me. I’m putting it to the test. You have problems at work, and still does not want to deal in these hard times to love. But tomorrow, or past, or any day, again we will be reunited to be happy.

What happens of truth. Not interested as a stable partner.

6. Want to be the opponent of your suitors

What happened. It appears only when another man shows his interest for you.

What do you think about it. You’re jealous. From now on, everything is going to be different because they finally have realized that I have other suitors and is now going to be afraid to miss.

What happens of truth. You need that rivalry constant. The relationship that is not based on hunting or competitiveness, simply, not interested.

5. Look for the “friendship with privileges”, but not the love

What happened. You offered to be friends but flirts with you wildly.

What do you think about it. He still has not realized that he is madly in love with me. Afraid of him to reject it. Can’t resist my feminine charm. Believes that the love they have to first become good friends.

What happens of truth. Sees perfectly well that what you’re watching with eyes laden with love. And while that will have fun, you will continue the game. But soon they will become bored and during that time, you may find another stable partner.

4. Not dedicating enough time and you visit only what you know…

What happened. What you see is only part time, after work.

What do you think about it. It is very busy. The only two hours of free time that you have spent in a romantic rendezvous with me. It is very cute. Sometimes staying up all night, though I could go home. Is that you don’t have time for me. I understand that.

What happens in reality. It is quite comfortable to have a companion stable bed. And that is all. Soon you will have another relationship and a partner officer. And the load on the work, miraculously, disappear. And you morderás nails wondering: “why?”

3. It does not present you to his family or his friends

What happened. Go out with him, but you don’t see often to his family or his friends, or maybe not even know. Important holidays, separately.

What do you think about it. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable. Has a very close relationship with his family and friends, so spend more time with them than with me. Afraid that I do not fall well.

What happens of truth. Don’t care so much, as their friends and family. Does not want you to consider their partner or, worse yet, your bride. Because he himself don’t consider it so.

2. It behaves as a friend

What happened. Constantly, talks with him virtually. Often what you see because they contain friends in common. Go well, but nothing romantic happens.

What do you think about it. Loves Me, but the wounds of previous relationships have not been cured and needs to take its time. I will be your best friend and then he will realize that he loves me.

What happens of truth. You are a great friend and what happens very well. To relate to you is a true pleasure. Forms part of your trusted group. Yes, your friend but not your girl.

1. You do not want to talk about the future with you or posed by changes in he

What happened. When you try to talk about a common future, it is wrapped in a curtain of smoke or full of mystery. Or worse, begins to get angry. Other times, it just responds: “I don’t know”.

What do you think about it. Is still getting used to the idea that our relationship is serious. Wants to make me the offer, but looking for the right time to give me a surprise. Has economic problems and does not want to take responsibility for their burdens, but when everything is fixed, we will get married.

What happens of truth. Does not look like the best candidate for the role of wife and mother of his children. Is satisfied as off the relationship, without going beyond. It does not talk about the future, basically, because you don’t want to change anything.

Can you add other examples of male behavior that are confusing to women, and that give rise to countless questions?

Illustrator Oleg Guta for Great.guru

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