10 Activities very strange that allow you to live comfortably

With the development of our civilization, certain activities are things of the past. But at the same time there are new methods to earn money that will help you to live, some are too specific.

Great.guru found for you ten examples of that in our time can have a lot of demand for talents more unexpected.

10. Professional hugs: from 60 USD per hour

This beautiful lady in the photo is Samantha Hess, founder of the company to Cuddle Up To Me, whose employees embrace to those who need warmth of the people. It seems that the hugs can be obtained free of charge by your loved ones. But judging by the high demand of the company, not all of whom embrace you.

9. Smell paper towels: 19 52 thousand USD per year

You’ll be surprised, but the company that produces napkins, and paper towels hire people to smell their product to make sure that you do not have a strange odor. The main requirements for these people are only two: a perfect sense of smell and love of paper products.

8. Cleaner of crime scenes: 50 thousand USD per year

Unfortunately, you still can’t eradicate the crime. And what criminals leave after, you can’t always clean up with a mop. If you want to know more about this work, then we recommend you to read the answers from an employee of service of “cleaning up crime” to the questions of users to Reddit.

7. Food stylist: 33 to 58 thousand USD per year

The task of the stylists of food is to give the food a image appetizing to burn it on advertising. Use several methods. Stylists and photographers have to show an ingenuity remarkable. The more detailed information you can read in this article that we have published previously.

6. Diver to search for golf balls: 50 to 100 thousand USD per year

When you play golf, thousands of balls are lost each year and most of them are located in the bottom of the water. So as not to damage the nature and to save on the purchase of new balls, golf clubs, hire divers. This job seems secure, but in the southern regions of the divers are located with alligators, the water is not always clean and can get an infection.

5. Inspector of pipes and wastewater: 34 to 61 thousand USD per year

Without a doubt, this is one of the professions most useful, but it is far from the most pleasant. Thanks to these inspectors can use without interruption one of the most important benefits of our civilization: the sewer. Discovery Channel spent on them, all of a chapter ‘s program “dirty jobs”. Are people with nerves of steel.

4. Screen cleaner, IMAX: 40 to 50 thousand USD per year

More than 20 years ago the pilot Michael Quaranto and his friend created a company that provided cleaning services in the screens of the cinemas. The business was gaining in demand, so Michael decided to leave his work in aviation to devote himself full-time to the cleaning. According to him, joint ventures and did not know how to thoroughly clean the screens.

3. Taster of exotic food: 800 USD per day

Many of us with taste, we would become tasters, because you pay for what you eat and, although they may deny it, many people love to eat. But this profession also has its unpleasant side, since there are all kinds of foods. This service can be used by restaurants if you decide to put in a new dish, for example, insects.

2. Taster food for animals: 40 to 75 thousand USD per year

The animals cannot speak and that is why it is unlikely that we evaluate subjectively how much they love this or that food. Therefore, not everyone can taste the food for pets, only those who have sufficient knowledge about the food for the animals.

1. Bridesmaid professional: 300-2,000 USD per wedding

Some people are so busy they have no time to make friends. So you have to rent them literally. You can get a little sad by this, but the brides today can understand. In addition, the “friends ” rented” with pleasure will help you organize the celebration and ensure that everything goes well.

Bonus: this is what it means to have the head filled in a job

In this photo we see a young plumber, Jimmy Cocs, who without fear has been submerged in the dirty water to change a tube that has been exploited. Even if you don’t pay as much as in other professions, anyway he wants to truly be your work. However, the most brave of Jimmy has not been without compensation, since the young man has been given an annual supply of jeans.

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