10 Tips for creative makeup that taught us Instagram

The development of social networks not only ushered in a new era of information, but rather to enrich our lives with knowledge from all over the world.All of the new tricks are old tips that had been forgotten. But now, thanks to Instagram, we can enjoy all of them.

Great.guru want to share with you some of these tricks of Instagram that took the world by surprise.

Art to lips

For artists, everything can be a canvas, that is why these show us on Instagram how to turn the lips into masterpieces.

Color correction

Before there were palettes of color correction there was this old trick: use red lipstick or pink under a spell to “remove” dark circles under the eyes. This is based on simple rules of mixing colors. If you want to try more correction techniques, remember:

  • Orange to red: corrected circles under the eyes.
  • Green: corrects redness.
  • Purple: corrects hyperpigmentation.

Magic of the activated carbon

From black masks to toothpaste black! We would never have been aware of the properties “magic” of coal if it were not for Instagram. Among other properties, activated carbon is useful for:

  • Get rid of toxins.
  • Relieve bites and bee stings.
  • Reduce the acne.
  • Whitening teeth.
  • Helps with digestion problems.

Flawless makeup, water-based ice

This trick Korean went viral after being seen on Instagram. Basically, to have a perfect base you need to get the foundation, concealer and powder. Then you should dip your face in a bucket of ice and ice water. After this you can apply your makeup. It is believed that this technique will cause your make up to adhere and look matte.

Masks divided

Use different masks to solve different problems of the skin is not a new idea. But with the development of the knowledge of the skin and how it can change with the use of time and makeup, Instagram began to show the trend of combining masks for different purposes in a single treatment. A little later, several companies of cosmetics made it marketable.

Roller facial

Can you imagine to put a roller full of thorns in your face all day? What if Instagram told you that it helps circulation, reduces redness and acne? So it is. Oddly enough, our ancestors had a similar approach. Now Instagram has restored life to that trick.

Contour with a fork

The tricks of makeup in Instagram is based on tips, easy, economic and time savers. Then, when it comes to the techniques of outlining, everything will be worth it. For example, the contour of the nose may be absolutely perfect if you use a fork: darkest shadows at the sides, the highlighter in the middle.

Eyebrows fashion

Wow, how have become fashionable eyebrows! Brooke Shields never had eyebrows like the models of Instagram today.

False eyelashes

Before the rage on Instagram, the false eyelashes were mainly a thing of celebrities and shows of divas, but now it seems to be a necessity in the makeup routine of any girl or boy. There is also a very difficult put to make it appear seamless.

Help with tooth paste

Instagram is also known for using products not conventional to solve problems of the skin. What you would have imagined that the toothpaste could be used as a soft mask of night for pimples and that a toothbrush is a great tool for scrubbing?

What other tricks and advice brilliant you learned from Instagram? Please make sure you share them with us and our other readers!

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