10 Tips on rare with which they our ancestors

The upbringing and care of children has always been an important part of the human life. And, as in any serious matter, there have always been experts. Many of the recommendations went through more than a generation before it was clear that he had not to follow them.

In Great.guru , we find some of these tips. When you think of them, we are happy that have passed into history.

1. How to determine the sex of a baby

One of the first advice given to the parents concerned to the determination of the sex of the child. For example, in the book “The masterpiece of Aristotle”, 1684, speaks of the following conditions. The right eye of a pregnant woman is more mobile and bright than the left, the right cheek is pinker than the left and all the skin is better than usual. In addition, if a pregnant woman is happy, then you will have a boy and if she is sad to give birth to a baby girl.

2. How to care for the newborn

The doctor Aldobrandini of Siena in his work, 1254, made these recommendations. A newborn should be surrounded with rose petals and salt , and just a babysitter with experience can apañarlo. It was believed that a baby, as a wax, it takes on any shape. So it will be as the babysitter, the beauty and ugliness depend to a large extent of it. When the arms, legs, and the head of the child are well apañados, you can let it sleep in her crib.

3. How to change a diaper

In the book “The birth of a child, or a birth happy” 1612 you can find this type of recommendations. Close all windows and doors. The babysitter has to sit near the fireplace and put a pillow on your legs extended. There is to cover it with something so that the child does not feel cold. Advised to bathe the child with a sponge or linen cloth soaked in water and wine. It was necessary to change diapers at 7, at noon and at 19.

4. How to wean the baby

In the book for women by Dr. George Laboratory of 1869 can be found tips strict, but not very clear. For example, says that weaning a child when it’s hot out means exposing it to the death. If the mother has to do during the summer, you should hire a breeder or you send the child to the field.

5. What kind of wine to give to a child

These tips gave doctor Michele Savonarola in his work on the care of a child in 1450. Children under the age of 7 years old should drink wine ordinary diluted in water, depending on the alcoholic strength of the wine and the age of the child. Give preference to white wine and not red to red. The author also recommended that nursing mothers drink wine with a fine aroma.

6. How to dress a child

The magazine for women of 1890 gave these recommendations on clothing for children. The white color of the clothes can be used for all babies, blue is for girls and pink is for children. No, we do not confuse anything.

7. How to feed a child

John Locke in his work “Some thoughts concerning education,” 1692 shared these tips. Do not feed the baby on a schedule, or you will feel nausea if I don’t have food at the usual time. It is best to change the feeding time every day. If the child is hungry, give him bread dry. In addition to eating meat and liquids, a child can take beer.

8. How to behave with a child

In the decade of 1910, he advised the parents to take the severe principles in dealing with children. Not the embrace, not the besaran, not to play with them and that had taken him in her arms as little as possible. Recommended use flogging as a remedy for hysteria, and in general failed any type of tenderness. It was considered that the child not only could come out naughty, but this could lead to death.

9. How to bathe the children

In the early 1900’s, a manual for mothers recommended to bathe a newborn with pork fat on a daily basis during their first week of life.

10. How to relieve the pain of teething

Several remedies were recommended in the FIFTEENTH century, to relieve the pain of teething. A paté of brain of hare, goose fat and milk canine. But in the TWENTIETH century the situation has not improved much: it is advised to the parents anoint the gums of the children with alcoholic drinks, e.g. whisky. Dr. Mary Esther Harding in 1920 he wrote that alcohol is the best sedative and soporific for infants and young children. And in the composition of some syrups popular, which facilitated the dentition, even included the morphine. One of them, “Syrup soothing of mrs. Winslow” was produced until the 1930s.

Involuntarily one you’ll be glad that we no longer guide him by such councils. Have you ever heard of odd views on parenting and the care of the children?

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