10 crazy Things fans have done for celebrities who worship

We are always looking for an example to follow. Some of us find it in other family members and imitate unconditionally, to the famous and sometimes even to fictional characters, and cartoon series.

The wording of Great.guru prepared for you a selection of exceptional cases of love for idols that has no limits.

Due to fans of “Breaking Bad”, they are going to build a fence

In Albuquerque, the owners of the house in which took place the filming of the series “Breaking Bad” will pick up a high fence because of the fans. For several years the fans of the criminal drama are trying to recreate a scene by pulling a pizza on the roof. The owners of the house admit that all weeks have to draw several boxes.

The fan of Rick and Morty changed the car for a sauce Sichuan

The girl who bought a salsa limited in “Mcdonald’s“ for the fun of it decided to offer it for an exchange. A devout fan of the cartoon ”Rick and Morty” has accepted the offer and exchanged his Volkswagen Golf for a sachet of sauce Sichuan. It is not known what he did after.

Wave tattoo face for the launch of “The beauty and the beast”

The admirers of the art of the study, Disney is not lost time waiting for the release of the film “beauty and The beast”. Thousands of people made tattoos with images of characters protagonist: the princess Belle, prince Adam and other characters of this fairy tale.

Kiss to Ricky Martin by 90 thousand USD

A brazilian woman, Ana Paola Diniz, is a fan of the pop musician Rick Martin and bought it at an auction the chance to kiss her idol. The woman spent 90 thousand dollars to fulfill their dream. It is worth noting that all of the funds raised were used to fight against AIDS.

The man went through multiple surgeries to become a character of their comic book favorites

A venezuelan fascinated with Marvel comics, he fulfilled his old dream in a way quite unusual. The man used the body art to become your favorite character: Red Skull. To achieve the similar maximum had to go through several operations. It is worth noting that this young man of unusual-looking has a wife and a son and works as a tattoo artist.

The man who made 29 tattoos dedicated to Miley Cyrus

For several years a faithful admirer of the american singer Miley Cyrus made 29 tattoos on his body. The man’s body is decorated with the name of the girl and with his portraits. Unfortunately for the fan, the singer did not appreciate their efforts, so now decided to remove them. However, it is unlikely that the singer is upset, because thousands of other lovers of his work followed the example of the “record holder”.

The water from the hands of Justin Bieber cost 624 USD

A girl from New Zealand was lucky when he was able to get a bottle of water, which took a couple of sips the british singer Justin Bieber. The young fan showed his creativity and published on a site of purchase and sale. Managed to sell the bottle for 624 dollars.

The admirer of Rihanna managed to participate in his video

The admirer of Rihanna has managed to draw the attention of the famous with their constant “I like“ in publications of Instagram. The singer from Barbados is not only subscribed to his fan, but also suggested him to participate in his video for the song ”B*tch better have my money”. Of course, the striking appearance of the girl had a lot to do with it.

A chupetín to David Bowie

Often in performances the fans throw different gifts to the artists. Did the same a fan of the late british singer David Bowie throwing a chupetín. The candy hit the interpreter directly in the eye. The singer has suffered no damages and a few minutes later, after a brief medical examination, he continued with the recital.

A fan stole the underwear of Liam Payne

The member of the popular music band One Direction Liam Payne had a rather strange situation when her bodyguards had to remove a fan to his underwear. The girl decided to “borrow” the boxer shorts that the musician had left on the balcony of the hotel. Unfortunately for her, the owner asked him to send them back.

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