10 Things you should include in your diet to help you combat the depression and stress

When we talk about disorders such as depression, which originate in the mind and have to do with emotions, we always believe that the best treatment is psychological. However, although the help of a professional is essential, there are other factors that affect our state of mind and that do not tend to take into account. It is the case of the diet.

The deficit of certain nutrients, can lead to depressive states. This is why it is so important to take care of the mind from within.

10 Cosas que deberías incluir en la dieta para ayudarte a combatir la depresión y el estrés
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These are the 10 essential nutrients for your mental health

1 – Iron

The 20% of women suffer from a deficiency of iron. The deficiency of this mineral cause symptoms similar to depression: fatigue, fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration… it Is important that you consume between 8 and 18 mg of iron per day.

2 – Vitamin D

Called “sunshine vitamin” is essential if you want to stabilize your emotions. The deficiency of this vitamin is linked to depression, autism and dementia. Therefore, if not you can obtain it through sun exposure, the ideal is that you consume supplements of vitamin D3.

10 Cosas que deberías incluir en la dieta para ayudarte a combatir la depresión y el estrés
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3 – Zinc

The Zinc (or zinc) is an essential nutrient for the functioning of our digestive system, improves immune system, controls inflammation in the body and prevents it from altering our emotions.

4 – Amino acids

The amino acids play a key role in the functioning of the brain. If your amino acid levels are not enough, you will run the risk of feeling much more tired, depressed, and bewildered. To avoid this, increase your intake of seeds, nuts and red meat.

5 – Selenium

It is an important antioxidant that helps prevent polyunsaturated fatty acids within the cell membrane from oxidizing. In addition, it ensures the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, which affects our emotions.

10 Cosas que deberías incluir en la dieta para ayudarte a combatir la depresión y el estrés
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6 – Iodine

Iodine is also essential for the function of the thyroid. In addition to affecting emotions, thyroid problems can reduce your energy levels, weaken your immune system, disrupt your body temperature and cause damage to your brain function.

7 – omega-3 fatty Acids

The omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the functioning of the heart, but also have a great impact on your mental health. To increase your intake of omega-3, eat salmon, tuna, seeds, flaxseed and nuts. You can also take supplements in capsules.

8 – folic Acid

It has been proven that folic acid deficiency reduces the effectiveness of the antidepressants. This is why it is important that you consume green leafy vegetables, citrus, fruits and vegetables.

10 Cosas que deberías incluir en la dieta para ayudarte a combatir la depresión y el estrés
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9 – Vitamin B

More than a quarter of older women diagnosed with depression, have a deficiency of vitamin B. it Is much more important for our mental health what people think, this is why it is important to eat meat, fish, eggs, milk and seafood.

10 – Magnesium

The excessive consumption of salt, caffeine, sugar and alcohol decreases our magnesium levels. This mineral is one of the most efficient to combat chronic stress, which is one of the triggers of the depression.

Make sure you get the required amount of all these nutrients each day to prevent any type of disorder at the mental level and emotional.

Do you have idea of how important it was to our diet on our mood? It let us know in the comments!

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Source: Natural News

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