10 Things that made people in ancient times and today are completely foreign

With the development of technology and new methods of research, we can say that we know everything about our ancestors. However, the more we learn about their daily lives, the more we impress some of their customs, that are too strange even for our modern standards.

In Great.guru met 10 data are very curious people who lived in ancient times, that will surely desconcertarán and you will say: “Wow!”

1. Women used lead and sulfur to dye their hair

People have been painting hair since antiquity, but the lack of knowledge in chemistry and the incorrect use of these substances sometimes end up harming your health. The ancestors also used plant materials to dye their hair but the effect was not very durable. The greeks and the romans used a permanent dye to the hair that consisted of different chemical substances, including sulfur.

In the 1700s, the italians liked to soak his long hair in solutions of corrosive chlorine to obtain a golden color on their tresses. Many european women used saffron and sulfur powder to achieve a beautiful appearance. The afghans also believed that dyeing the hair with different colors could cure the headache.

2. The glass balls and the rubber crumbs were used as breast implants

Since ancient times, women have used different ways to improve your appearance. The breasts were not an exception. Some women use treatments tropical creams or growth homemade on your breasts to enlarge it. Other massage coconut oil on your skin.

However, the first breast surgery was performed in 1895 by Vincent Czerny. The doctor needed to do the breasts of his patient then cut out a tumor. After that, the doctors used different materials to enlarge the breasts of women: ivory, glass balls, ground rubber, and other fillers.

3. The droppings of animals were used in medical treatments

It may sound wrong, but it’s a fact: people in ancient times used animal manure to cure and treat different diseases. For example, women in ancient Greece believed that the dung of crocodile could be used as a powerful contraceptive and inserted into your vagina. In ancient Egypt, the warriors applied manure from animal to his wounds. The droppings of the sheep is used in the folk medicine of scotland to treat smallpox and the swine manure fresh served to stop the bleeding of the nose. A council great: don’t try any of this at home.

4. The doctors drilled holes in people’s heads to release evil spirits

This man does not look good, right? The doctors always had a lot of curiosity about the human body and used various methods “proven” to cure many diseases. The trephination was one of them. The doctors believed they could cure diseases such as seizures, headaches and infections. They thought that the different diseases were caused by an evil spirit trapped inside of the person’s head and then made small holes in his head to let out to the entity.

Fortunately, this practice was forgotten almost completely at the end of the Middle Ages. The thorough investigation of some of the skulls dug up showed that some patients were even able to survive after these treatments with extreme methods.

5. Women could not cry at funerals

A funeral normal in ancient Rome began with a procession carrying the deceased across the street. The family crying they went behind. How many more people attended the funeral, the more respected was a person. Sometimes the family hired women especially for those who weep, and impress the crowd. To make your sadness out absolutely believable, the women were being hurt cheeks to bleed and pull out tufts of hair.
Later, this tradition was considered too extreme and negative. People are not allowed to hire professionals to cry because “these acts invoked strong emotions and were incompatible with the idea of the quiet life of the people.”

6. The parents were allowed to kill legally the lovers of his daughters

The parents had a great influence on his entire family, and especially their unmarried daughters. In fact, they had the right to choose a good husband for them. The rules were very strict, the daughters had no right to have an intimate relationship with anyone before their marriage.

The parents had the legal right to kill the lover of his daughter (and even her) if surprised in the act of adultery. If you only killed one of the lovers, could be accused of murder. Fun fact: the woman roman always belonged to the family of his father, even after marriage.

7. In ancient Rome, the fathers could sell their children as slaves. But only 3 times

Oh you read it right! There is No love lost in the ancient Rome. The father was the head of the family and had absolute power over his wife, children and family. Parents also had the right to decide whether to keep newborn babies in the family.

Parents were given the right to sell their children as slaves. If the person who bought the “slave” is no longer needed, was to return him to his father’s house. However, this could only be done up to 3 times, otherwise, he was considered a bad father. Even this might cause that killed a family member. Fortunately, few parents were so cruel.

8. The doctors used garlic for evidence of pregnancy

The lack of detailed knowledge of anatomy did not allow the doctors to explain with certainty why some women could get pregnant and others do not. However, used various natural methods to make pregnancy test.

In 1350 a.C., a woman is advised to moisten a seed of wheat with urine. If the seeds have sprouted, she was pregnant. Another way to perform a pregnancy test involved placing a garlic clove or an onion in your vagina. The next morning, a doctor smelled the breath of the woman, and declared pregnant if I could feel a scent of garlic on your breath. It’s good that we have modern medicine!

9. In ancient Egypt, people shaved their eyebrows in order to mourn their cats

The people in ancient Egypt worshipped cats. Considered them as their favorite animals and believed that they brought good luck to the families with whom they lived. Bastet, the goddess of the home, cats and fertility, was represented as a cat or as a woman with the head of a cat. Cats were sacred and anyone who would hurt was sentenced to death.

The ancient egyptian families were crying the death of the cat family shaving the eyebrows. The body of the cat was embalmed with a mask of sculpted wood and a small mummy cat was placed in a family grave or in a cemetery of cats.

Fun fact: Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Napoleon and Hitler had ailurofobia, fear of cats.

10. There were public baths in ancient Rome

You probably didn’t know that the people in ancient Rome used every means possible to take care of your hygiene staff. Went regularly to public restrooms and used in addition to natural cleaners, scrubs and sponges for the bath.

However, only a few people well-to-do could afford the luxury of having a bathroom or toilet in private in your home. The other 95 percent of the population used public baths, which were made of long rows of massive stone or wood with a hole every few meters. The water that ran constantly in these baths used to distill the waste into a sewer system. Since privacy was an aspect quite unusual in the life of the romans, definitely in these situations would be no different.

For centuries, the people and their customs have changed too. Now even we can imagine living as they did formerly. What activity strange of the that were considered normal in previous decades you surprised most? Would you dare to do any of these things today, or would it be too strange for you? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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