10 curious facts that not everyone knows about the british royal family

Of all the royal families in the modern world, the uk is the most popular. People from different parts of the planet follow with attention the life of Elizabeth II, their children, their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren. But even under a gaze so alert, some things can go unnoticed.

Great.guru gathered answers to the most interesting questions about the family Windsor.

10. How many are there in total, the members of the british royal family?

In the literal sense of the word, the british royal family consists of 15 members.

Have the titles corresponding: Elizabeth II and her spouse, Philip; their children (Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward); his grandchildren (William, Garry, Beatriza, Eugenie, James, Louise); his great-grandsons (prince George and princess Charlotte) and also the sister of the queen, Margaret.

In addition, fifteen other people are first-degree relatives of the queen. But do not have title or claim to the throne. Are dukes, earls, lords and miladys.

9. How passes the day the queen?

The queen gets up at 7.30 am. At that time you serve a cup of tea without sugar, cookies of brand “Mary” and milk. Being that the food preferences of the royalty may not be broadcast, you cannot know with accuracy what kind of tea you like to the queen Elizabeth II. Some sources claim that it is Earl Grey, and other is English Breakfast.

At 8.30 Elizabeth II eats breakfast with her husband, Philip the duke of Edinburgh, in the dining room overlooking the gardens of Buckingham Palace. On the table there is usually cornflakes, yoghurt, toast with maple syrup or jam. While he eats breakfast, the queen reads the newspapers, in the majority of cases Daily Telegraph or Racing Post.

After breakfast, the queen has meetings with his assistants. There, among other things, we discuss the mail that the queen personally review (between 200 and 300 letters per day). After you have official meetings and events until late at night.

Even before sleep, the queen Elizabeth II deals exclusively of national affairs: read all the documents with the major topics of the day, every day, you will take them in a red box special.

8. The jewel favorite of Elizabeth II

A pearl necklace of three laps is almost always adorns the neck of the queen: it is the business card of your style. When queen Elizabeth II was 10 years old, was part of her grandfather George V a necklace of pearls and from then it’s your fave jewel.

A while later, the queen Mary, grandmother of queen Elizabeth II, gave a pair of pearl earrings that until the day of today, in game with the necklace, are part of the image of the monarch modern.

7. The tradition of the name change with the ascension to the throne

Since ancient times, the monarchs of different countries, at the time of ascending the throne, took a different name when that was given to you at birth. This tradition also existed in Great Britain. So, before her coronation, queen Victoria was named Alexandrina, and the name of king George was Alberto. Elizabeth II chose not to change the name, because that is a decision and not an obligation to the monarch.

And, of course, many supporters of the tradition are reminding the queen this decision. In 2002, on the eve of the anniversary No. 50 the day of the ascension of queen Elizabeth II to the throne, she received several letters from veterans of the Scottish National Party which said that it was time for a change of name. But, as you can see, many years after Elizabeth II remains firm in his decision.

6. Confusion with the titles

Often, to Elizabeth II, they call it the queen of England, but it is wrong. In the first place, she is the monarch of all the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England is only part of it.

In the second place, a british monarch is also true on other countries: Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Grenada, Canada, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Jamaica. So Elizabeth II is the queen of 16 states.

Just as common are the confusion with the princesses. Lady Di, after her wedding with prince Charles, began to tell princess. But she was not a princess by birth, which according to the rules, its title was: “Her Royal Highness the Princess Charles of Wales”. As strange as it sounds.

Kate Middleton, the darling of her elder son, prince William, is also not a princess. She married the duke of Cambridge and, therefore, its official title is the duchess of Cambridge.

5. What do the princes when not dealing with affairs of the royalty?

During the past two years, the prince William worked at East Anglian Air Ambulance. Their working day was 9 hours and a half, approximately 20 per week. The duke placed all of your salary to the account of the charitable foundation of the medical service. The march 27, 2017 left his job as pilot of ambulance

The career of the pilot of prince William began in 2008, when he joined the ranks of the service of search and rescue of the British Air Force. She worked there until the year 2014 inclusive. Now, at 35 years old, being the second in line of succession to the throne, the duke of Cambridge has the intention of devoting himself entirely to the royal house and the future of the british monarchy.

Prince Harry also made a good military career. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Sandhurst, and, like his older brother, joined the cavalry regiment.

He was twice in Afghanistan, once as a pilot of a military helicopter. Later, he was awarded a medal for participating in these combat operations.

He also participated in the counter-terrorism exercises of the armed forces of Australia. When, for reasons of safety, the prince was retired from the military, organized sports competitions in Great Britain for the military that were injured during the military operations.

4. How do the members of the royal family are addressed to queen Elizabeth II?

According to the sources, officials, different family members have different privileges to go to the queen. So, the husband of Elizabeth II called Lilibet. It was as well as the future queen called herself when she was very small and could not pronounce “Elizabeth”.

The rest of the adult members of the family have the obligation to tell “His Majesty“. Even his son Carlos must respect this formality before you call the queen with the word informal mommy (”mommy”).

For your great-grandchildren, the rules are less stringent. The prince George has their own way of addressing Elizabeth II: Gan Gan. This is how to pronounce the word “great-grandmother” (Great-Grandmother).

3. The queen: an example of a thrifty person

Elizabeth II is very economical and gives an excellent example of that to the staff at your service. For example, it is known that she always turns off the light when leaving a room, and it required all the inhabitants of the palace. The queen used the same dresses for a long time.

In addition, for many years prefer to use a nail Polish economy. In 1989, Elizabeth II was discovered a glaze called “the Shoe Ballet” from Essie.

Probably, the queen continue to use because he found the optimal combination of a soft color (pale pink that contrasts with the attire of strong color) and a modest price: only USD 9 per bottle.

2. What countries Elizabeth II visit most often?

Representatives of the Buckingham Palace reported that all the trips of the queen abroad are carried out according to the recommendations of the british government. Therefore, Elizabeth II visit most often those countries that need to be present for issues-state of the moment.

In the 65 years that he has been on the throne, the queen has undertaken more than 120 official visits. He traveled more times to Canada (27 times) and Australia (18 times).

1. The scandalous photo of Isabel II, with the fascist salute

In the year 2015, the british newspaper the Sun published a photo of the year 1933 in Isabel II, 7 years old, his sister Mary, his mother, and his uncle, Eduardo lifted the hand in an alleged nazi salute.

Not sure how you got the photo from the family archive of the Palace of Buckingham to the editorial of the newspaper. However, the representatives of the Royal Family expressed their disappointment with the actions of the employees of Sun. Considered important to the context: it’s a familiar scene at the time of the game, and the gesture is just a gesture, that in that then appeared followed on the tv screens.

“Nobody at that time could foresee the future events. Give this action to other interpretations is to misrepresent the truth,” said the official spokespersons for the Royal Family.

Bonus: the facial features of the royalty is passed down from generation to generation

Young, Elizabeth II was very similar to her grandmother Mary, the wife of king George V. Today, there is another similarity: all notice how much the great-granddaughter of the queen, the princess Charlotte, looks like she of girl.

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