10 curious facts about women from ancient history that your teachers don’t told

Women have a long history of emancipation and even today gender equality is a fighting force. However, in the past, things used to be quite different. The women of ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, India and China had many rights, limitations, hobbies, and habits that we are not fully aware.

Great.guru leaves you the more interesting data on women of ancient times that are not often mentioned in the history books.

1. The girls roman had their version of a Barbie

In ancient Rome, the girls used to marry when they were only 12 years old. Although his childhood does not last very long, were still used by toys. One of them was discovered in the late NINETEENTH century, was a wooden doll and is found in a sarcophagus that belonged to a girl named Crepereia Tryphaena. She lived in the Rome of the second century. As we can see, has certain similarities with our Barbie modern. However, it lacks the dimensions of one of them. This has more the belly rounded and wide hips. A small box full of clothes to dress the doll is also found in the sarcophagus.

2. Egyptian women once had the same right to inherit the throne

Egypt was much more democratic than many other ancient kingdoms. The primary proof of that was the fact that, despite the gender, any child of a ruler could inherit the throne. The rights of men and women were almost equal, which was not really common at that time. In addition, the line, the family in ancient Egypt was extracted from the side of the mother, not the father. This originated from the belief that heritage can be tested, if known to the mother (DNA testing for fathers were not available at that time).

3. Greek women had the right to divorce

Although women in ancient Greece were not considered citizens, and their rights and freedoms were strictly limited, the procedure of divorce was quite fair. If a woman wanted to divorce her husband, I just needed a male representative to do the deal on your behalf. However, if a man wanted a divorce, all he had to do was throw his wife out of his house.

4. Egyptian women could hold high positions of religious

It was not common for a woman to engage seriously in the religious life, however, ancient Egypt was an exception. The women there were able to have the position of a “Wife of God”, which was associated with different deities. But the most important position was “the wife of The God Amun”. This was an honorary title otrorgado of a woman, originally of any kind, but later exclusively from the upper class. This woman would help the high priest in the ceremonies and care for the statue of the god. In addition, it was not common for women to be housewives and tended to mingle in the society. There are several artifacts where the women are represented as professional musicians, dancers, and invited to parties.

5. The roman ladies were educated

The education of women in ancient Rome was a question quite controversial. The majority of girls were taught basics of reading and writing at school. However, some families wanted their daughters to obtain a broader knowledge, so they hired private tutors for advanced grammar classes and Greek. The reason was to make a little girl out a companion literate and interesting for her husband, thus making her more influential.

6. Greek women were playing “jacks”

Greek women enjoyed playing different games, and among them was a game called “knucklebone” or “knuckles”, which was similar to the “jacks” modern. The game consisted in throwing the “bones of the knuckles” up in the air and catch as many as possible in one hand, while these fell. The “knuckles” were the ankles of sheep or models made of ivory, bronze or terracotta.

7. The roman ladies wore bikinis

As seen in this mosaic of the IV century d.C. found in Sicily, the girls roman wore something very similar to a bikini modern. And it seems so current! It’s astonishing how progressive were the ancient romans.

8. The roman ladies were quite athletic

The same mosaic shows that the roman ladies also were interested in sports. This prototype weight modern looks really impressive. In ancient Rome, women had many recreational activities and a rich social life.

9. The women in China could be abandoned if were talking too much

In ancient China, a woman had almost no rights and was considered property of her husband. Marriages were arranged by matchmaker professionals and women generally know their husband for the first time during the wedding. In a traditional wedding, the groom’s parents usually were seated and the bride wore a red dress and ornament blue in the head. The bride served tea to the mother-in-law. The groom wore a band which formed an “X” in front of him. The reasons for a man to divorciara his wife were quite broad: not to have children, evidence of being unfaithful, lack of filial piety towards the parents of the husband, robbery, suffering a disease, virulent or infectious, jealousy, and talking too much.

10. Indian women were free to choose their husbands

Well, this is very interesting. Even today, arranged marriages are quite widespread in India. But in ancient times, a woman was equal to a man. He had the right to choose not only her husband, but also to marry when he wanted to. Indian women also received a good education and were allowed to undergo the initiation, and study the Vedas.

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