10, the Atrocities and Torture of the Allies more macabre of the story in the Second World War

As said the great writer George Orwell, “The history written by the victors“, a truth like a temple if we use it to refer to the Second World War.

Often, we think of this conflict with the side of the allies portrayed as knights that delivered justice to the outrage of the followers of Hitler and the japanese.

However, despite the fact that the history books tend to represent the allies almost as saints, the reality was very different from what we believe. The war was an event of atrocious and horrendous on the part of the two sides. In a war there is never good and bad, or winners and losers. All suffer. Lost humanity.

Although there is no question that the side of the Axis committed an act completely unthinkable and it certainly was worse, the many atrocities committed by the Allies shows that the brutality that lives in all of us.

10 Atrocities committed by the Allies in the Second World War that they will never forget:

1 – the americans and The british refused to thousands of jewish refugees

10 de las Atrocidades y Torturas de los Aliados más macabras de la historia en la Segunda Guerra Mundial
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

It is often said that all the evils they could commit the Allies during the war are justified, since they stood in the dry the Holocaust promoted by the nazis.

In fact, many people believe that the Holocaust was the main reason why the united States and many other countries entered the war, when the truth is that the U.S. just officially entered into the conflict after he was attacked by Japan.

As we were filtering news about what Germany was doing, most of the countries were more concerned with protecting its own borders than any other thing. The united states, in particular, considered the hero of today, rejected hundreds of thousands of jewish refugees during the course of the war despite the terrible circumstances.

Unfortunately, the british were not much better. Although they took in some refugees, overshadowed the agreement that allowed the jewish people to take refuge in what was then Palestine.

Many jews were not able to gain access to Palestine and ended up being absorbed by other european countries. Unfortunately, these countries fell later under the control of Germany with jewish refugees back to the scope of Hitler. Most died in the Holocaust.

2 – The scorched earth policy of Stalin

10 de las Atrocidades y Torturas de los Aliados más macabras de la historia en la Segunda Guerra Mundial
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

The policy of scorched earth, or scorched earth is a military tactic which involves destroying anything that might be of use to the enemy when a force moves through a territory, or is removed from it.

Despite the fact that most of the people think that this tactic was only used by the nazis, Stalin was also a great supporter of this method of combat, and was probably much more brutal than the nazis.

The army of Stalin, he did not hesitate to burn fields of crops, tear down the entire building on foot or destroy any transportation system without thinking about how it would affect their own civilians , or how difficult it would be to feed them or move them to a safe place.

3 – Thousands of women were raped by Russian soldiers after they liberated Poland from the nazis

10 de las Atrocidades y Torturas de los Aliados más macabras de la historia en la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Indeed, Russia does not enjoy the best of reputations among the countries of the Allies today. He was considered the most dangerous country of the faction, but unfortunately, it was a key piece to stop Hitler.

Not only stopped its advance, but drove back the German army until the same Berlin. After so many fights, the Russian soldiers were exhausted and demoralized, and with a society more than it rotates around, it was pretty easy to go back to a behaviour primitive.

Though for the most part this is translated in the form of pillage, the amount of women raped during the war is really disturbing. To make things worse, Stalin approved his soldiers to violate any of the women of their enemies, as it was a way to destroy them psychologically.

The violations not only occurred among German women. The Red Army became famous for raping all the female victims of the countries that managed to liberate from the nazi terror.

4 – The troops canadians burned down an entire village for revenge

10 de las Atrocidades y Torturas de los Aliados más macabras de la historia en la Segunda Guerra Mundial
Library and Archives Canada

As mentioned above, the war highlights the brutality that lives in all of us, and Canada was no exception. Near the end of the Second World War, some troops canadians were struggling with a part of the last German resistance, which ended in a pitched battle near a town called Friesoythe, home to about 4,000 German civilians.

Just when moved by Friesoythe to finish off the last few germans, the leader of the canadians was killed. A report wrong gave to understand that he wasn’t killed by a German soldier, but a sniper civilian had shot him in the back.

The commander-in-functions was so outraged that instead of waiting to find out if it was true, he decided to take revenge on all the people. Once the city was taken, the population was expelled and the village burned to the foundations.

5 – The campaign of mass bombing against civilians in Japan

10 de las Atrocidades y Torturas de los Aliados más macabras de la historia en la Segunda Guerra Mundial
US Military

All the world knows the moment of history in which the united States decided to launch the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This famous event took place, arguing that the japanese never would surrender , and that only an explosion so powerful it would prevent a ground war that would last decades and cost millions of lives.

However, long before the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the United States bombed cities of civilians by japanese on a regular basis to demoralize the enemy.

In fact, general Curtis LeMay, who ordered the attacks, he thought that the japanese would surrender until they were virtually exterminated. For this reason it was decided that the bombing of the japanese cities was not sufficient, and that the US had to go for one of their most important cities and do something drastic.

On march 9, 1945, LeMay carried out his plan and ordered an air raid until the same Tokyo. That was not a bombing raid normal. The bombers threw bombs of napalm and petroleum jelly to burn down the entire city.

More than 40 square miles of the city were completely burned along with their inhabitants. It was a spectacle horrible that ended the life of at least 100,000 civilians.

6 – The american soldiers collecting skulls japanese for fun

10 de las Atrocidades y Torturas de los Aliados más macabras de la historia en la Segunda Guerra Mundial

The atrocities of the japanese during the Second World War are well documented, and especially in the united States, their misdeeds are well known.

However, the war must be equated at all, and the american soldiers began to carry out actions that many people would not understand today. Surprisingly, the u.s. army took the tradition of mutilating corpses japanese to take them as trophies.

One of the prizes more common among the soldiers were the ears, since they were easy to cut and keep as a trophy, however, the skulls were the most precious rewards.

To get one of these precious skulls, they had to boil the head to remove the skin or leave it out long enough for the ants to eat all the meat.

7 – Millions of ethnic germans were deported to Germany after the war

10 de las Atrocidades y Torturas de los Aliados más macabras de la historia en la Segunda Guerra Mundial
Hoover Institution Archives

The majority of people think that everything returned to pink after the end of the war. However, the aftermath of the Second World War were incredibly ugly, and the victors are not always made decisions that ensured the well-being of human life. In fact, there was a strong desire for revenge.

After the war, the Allies adopted a plan to deport the force about 12 or 14 million ethnic germans (those considered, by themselves or by the rest, ethnically German but do not live in the Federal Republic of Germany, nor necessarily have their citizenship) to Germany from neighbouring countries in which they were born.

Most of the history books western do not speak of this due to how shameful that was. It is estimated that around 500,000 civilians were killed as part of the largest forced migration in the known history. To make things worse, many of these citizens were sent to the few concentration camps that were in Germany.

And if that were not enough, the great majority of the people who were forced to emigrate were women, the elderly and children under the age of 16 years who had been too young to fight in the war.

8 – the ravages of Operation Paperclip

10 de las Atrocidades y Torturas de los Aliados más macabras de la historia en la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Not everyone in the world knows by name, but everyone knows the basics of Operation Paperclip. During the Second World War, the united States and many other countries were studied and they wanted the technology of the germans as well as the secrets of its scientists.

When the war ended, they discovered that the nazis had worked in areas that were not even imagined, such as nerve agents and a new form of bubonic plague. Instead of trying to destroy all of those investigations, the united States decided to recruit the scientists responsible for themselves.

The goal was to take nearly 90 German scientists to the united States, to clean up a little bit of his past and make that work to your new home. There may be those who think that only they were scientists following orders, but certainly were not good people. Unfortunately, most of these men lived to work for the u.s. government and never received any punishment for their actions.

9 – The u.s. sent to the soviet dissidents to Russia to die

10 de las Atrocidades y Torturas de los Aliados más macabras de la historia en la Segunda Guerra Mundial
US Government

The end of the war were so excited to all the world that many people forgot some of the atrocities that happened directly after the war.

In the famous Yalta Conference, one of the promises made was the repatriation of citizens caught in the territory of another country, ally or held as prisoners. Unfortunately, what seemed to be a good action on the paper, in a short time became a nightmare.

The united states gave shelter to a few million refugees russians that they had to return to his country despite the fact that many would not wish to return to their homeland. In the beginning, the americans resorted to force, but this led to some suicides, so they decided to take a different approach.

They began to deceive the people by telling them that they would be carried to another place, but then sent them on to the Soviet Union. Most of the envoys were executed for desertion or other crimes, or were sent to work camps to die.

10 – The US and the Uk used prisoners of war as slaves

10 de las Atrocidades y Torturas de los Aliados más macabras de la historia en la Segunda Guerra Mundial
Nebraska State Historical Society

As we progressed to the Second World War, the british began to have a problem: store all the prisoners of war and feeding them was becoming inconvenient for the system.

The united states, to help its ally, agreed to take some of the prisoners of war. However, this caused neither of them knew what to do with them.

Despite the fact that the Allies were concerned about following the Geneva Conventions, which did not allow the use of captured soldiers as slaves, both countries quickly decided to go ahead and start to use their prisoners for forced labour because they had a shortage of labour.

To overcome the fact that technically they could not treat them as slaves, they decided to pay them a salary incredibly small. (In England, this amounted to one shilling a day).

What you have seemed to these actions of the allies? Have you heard of them?

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