10 great Examples of works of art in the middle of the city that makes us happy

Modern designers know how to convert an environment that boring of a city in a happy place and comfortable to live. Some projects require serious budget and these end up being financed by large companies, while others are made of materials improvised and are worth just a few cents. But in both cases, the effect is spectacular.

Great.guru shares with you the most vivid change day-to-day aspect of modern cities, as well as give the feeling of being enveloped in a wave of happiness.

1. Biobanks to sit that purify the air of harmful emissions, Westminster

The company’s German Green City Solutions , he designed the first filter is “smart” in the world, improving the air quality of large cities. This structure is composed of an ordinary bank and current at the open-air, as well as a vertical panel that has planted different species of mosses that are beautiful purifiers natural. One of these banks, clean the air, as if they did about 275 trees.

2. Building with balconies in the form of cups of tea, Tokyo

A manufacturer of tea in Japan used a fun marketing gimmick. He built the balconies of their building in a commercial street in the shape of tea cups next to their plates.

3. Giant sea urchins with lace on the bay, Singapore

The architects Jin Choi and Thomas Shain (Choi + Shine) created unusual structures in the form of sea urchins made of a metal frame and lace, hand-woven by 60 weavers. Passersby can enter and enjoy its amazing visual effect.

4. Slide in a train station, Utrecht

The company of the Netherlands, HIK Ontwerpers, installed a water slide to go down near the stairs of the train station for those who are late or are simply not in a good mood to go down the long pile of stairs.

5. Trees with polka dots, London

The japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is known for the fact that all of their works feature a pattern of polka dots. In this way, she does address the hallucinations and images obsessive that have been pursued since his childhood. To attract attention to your exhibition in the Gallery, Hayward, London, in 2009, the artist wrapped the trunks of the trees with fabric, with its characteristic white polka dots on a red background.

6. Walking boots, Freiburg

In the German city of Freiburg, in one of the small streams, someone forgot their boots. This touching gesture is performed by the local belief that a man who has entered in this step of water, it will marry a young man of this town.

7. Lisa Simpson and the graffiti on a gutter, Sydney

When Lisa Simpson is sad, she plays the saxophone. This graffiti with a gutter, is carried on the wall of a building located on a street of Sydney (Australia).

8. Fried eggs, kissing, Santiago de Chile

The Dutch artist Henk Hofstra, in the framework of a festival of street art, created the project “The eggs fallen from the sky”, in the plaza Italia in Santiago. The project and all of the festival were conceived for the development of cultural tourism in the capital of Chile.

9. Phone booths that were converted into aquariums, Tokyo

A group of japanese art, Kingyobu, filled with phone booths with water, turning them into aquariums with goldfish. The public phones are abandoned when they finally acquire a second life and become the objects of public art. The positive emotions of the inhabitants of Tokyo are also connected by the fact that, in Japan, the golden fish symbolize happiness and luck.

10. Owls tender under the sky, Mexico

The company of designers, Maizz Design, of the Dominican Republic, has created installations visual in the form of enormous heads of birds in a park of Mexico City. From the top of the trees, the owls keep vigilant watch on the people to behave well.

Do you know contemporary artists that change the aspect of the cities? Do you have one that is your favorite? Oh tell us more about them!

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