10 deleted Scenes that would have improved our favorite movies

We often say about a good movie: “he left Me without breath”. The duration of an hour and a half or two of a film can be without realizing it. However, behind all of this, spent many hours on the shooting and the multitude of episodes filmed becomes like pieces of stone in a full movie. But what happens if you miss an important episode?

In Great.guru saw scenes omitted from our favorite movies and we chose we would have liked to stay in the final assembly.


Do you remember that at the end of the movie Cal was looking for Rose to board the ship “Carpathia“ among the passengers rescued? It turns out that some scenes of this movie were omitted. In they show important moments and the transmission of the main paper is shown with greater accuracy.

The looks-downs of passengers going to Joseph Ismay, a businessman from the company of a steam ship that was built ”Titanic”. By the way, until his death he cast the blame of this tragedy and the very small number of boats that had. In the scene omitted, the mom of Rose behaves in another way: is desperately searching for his daughter, although before he appeared very cold and prudent. Also, we can see a girl who Cal has named as his daughter to board the boat, it is good to know that she survived.

Look at her. Even if it is outside of the film, the scene will give you goose bumps.

The Lion king

In the cartoon “The Lion king”, Simba is already an adult meets in the jungle with his childhood friend Nala. But how it got there? The version of the search for food seems very accurate, but the episode skipped shows us the real reason for his departure: Scar decided to make Nala his queen and he proposed to be his wife. Nala refused to all the lions and Scar the expelled.

The glow

The end of the film, where we see Jack in a photo in a hotel, it was not always so. Another variant was filmed and was even put on display for a week at the cinema until they decided to cut it definitely.

According to the argument, the manager of the hotel Stewart Ulman, who at the beginning of the film, hired Jack, a visit to Wendy and Danny in the hospital. Before leaving, he gives it to the child who reached out to Danny that yellow ball of tennis when I played in the hotel. The manager smiles, the focus turns to Danny and only later appears in the episode with the photo.

The scene left shows that Ulman knows the dark side of the hotel and is possibly linked with the things that happen there. Is it worth it to skip this scene so important?

Indiana Jones: The hunters of the lost ark

Do you remember the moment in which the nazis open the arc? Indiana Jones closes his eyes and shouts at Marion to do the same thing, it helps against spirits, who kill others. But how the archeologist guessed that it was dangerous to see them?

In the scene omitted, Jones and his friend Sallah speak with the elderly Imam, who warns them that they should not be to touch and see the ark, as this could lead to death.

In Bruges

In the film, despite the order of Ray, Ken let live to Harry, which leads to a problem. But the episode omitted makes the rejection much more difficult for Ken. If according to the argument, we can guess the long friendship of Ken and Harry, the memory of the omitted leaves no doubt. It turns out that the wife of Ken was killed by a police officer and Harry the revenge for his friend by cutting off the head of the killer with a katana.

By the way, the young Harry interprets Matt Smith, the eleventh doctor of the series “Doctor Who”.

Street dogs

As you remember, in the movie the lord Rose scolds the White guy for what he said to mr. Orange on his real name. The cutscene shows that mr. Pink was right: we see how the lord Orange please read the notes of the police to find criminal information about mr. White. The scene emphasizes that the lord Orange always kept him at a distance and without her it might appear that in truth the lord Orange was enhanced with the White.


When Sarah Connor escaped from terminator, many exhalaron, but the episode skipped could put us even more nervous: in it we see how the manager of the building within the given battle, found the remains of the robot, in particular a microesquema that then carries with it. In addition, we discovered that this building was of Cyberdyne Systems.

The scene gives us clues as to how were the terminators, although these details were mentioned in the second movie. The time missed will give the end more important.


In one of the scenes in this cartoon we see the result of the invasion of the huns: the town was reduced to ashes, but the episode skipped shows you how to really Shan Yu is dangerous and inhumane, as it sends kill to all the people of the village and when one of the huns tries to save a small bird, he kills both.

The truth is that this scene is very violent for children, but in this episode with the hun, rescuing the bird sentenced the story is more sentimental. Without him, the troops of Shan Yu would seem to scoundrels like him.


Have you heard the theory that a seller tries to sell the lamp to the spectators at the beginning of the cartoon? What will have been the Genius? It seems that it is not only a proposal of the fans. This scene did not enter the cartoon finished, she shows you how to the seller at the end of the movie tries to sell the lamp and becomes the Genie with the following words: “Some things are not what they seem”. The cartoon had a lot of success, but this unexpected moment could surprise us even more.

The Lord of the Rings: the fellowship of the Ring

Here the episode omitted helps to reveal the motivation of the characters, the brothers Boromir and Faramir, who suffered pressure on the part of his father. Perhaps this is why Boromir wanted the ring to receive the approval of his father and not to save the reign? At least we know that the ring he needed Denethor.

What do you think? What these scenes could help to better understand the movie or the creators them everything went successfully without them?

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