10 Strategies for flirting validated by psychologists

Everyone who’s ever immersed themselves in the world of dating, they noticed something hidden in it. To attract the attention of that person that you like is not so simple. But if you look at the flirting as a natural strategy to procreation, everything will be okay.

Great.guru and the team psicológos Psych2Go invite you to use the 10 finest strategies of seduction that will change your luck.

1. Visual contact “face to face”

An eye contact longer than normal can have an influence on the mutual attraction. Can last between 4 and 5 seconds, but will say much more than a look fleeting.

When in contact with the potential partner, you’ll be able to find a physiological test of interest to you: the dilation of pupils. For the same reason, if you want to show a person you are interested in, just look at her in the eyes.

2. Emphasis on something red

The red color carries information that is expressive, whether it’s a ripe strawberry, a traffic signal or a necklace. The psychologist Adam Pazda says that here also there are natural instincts similar to the signal of reproduction of female mandrills. Together with colleagues from the University of Rochester conducted an experiment showing men some women in white and red.

The majority of the participants seemed to be most excited about having romantic relationships with the women in red. The results in women were similar: men with shirts and sweaters red they seemed like the women more attractive.

3. Don’t forget the sense of humor

The professor of the University of New Mexico Jeffry Miller you are sure that the sense of humor is one of the key methods that help you to understand immediately how attractive is this person to you. The ability to joke involves the ability to think fast and be creative.

Such skills are extremely necessary to survive in work and in life. Don’t be surprised if an anecdote, clever helps you to zoom in on the date of the next appointment more quickly than other attempts traditional to win the heart of someone.

4. Inaccessibility

Studies showed that when we’re not so sure how much we want a person, in reality we want more when he says constantly that you love. Of course, everything is subjective. If you have ensured the reciprocity of their feelings “the game of inaccessibility” recedes to the background.

But there are quite a few men and women who are attracted to such a strategy. In this case it is important to remember what is what they want: to be together or separate.

5. Smile of a woman

The smile shows the world not only the friendliness and sense of humor, but also the skills of the women able to raise children worthy and testifies his good health. The studies of the University of British Columbia showed that men believe that women are smiling are much more attractive than arrogant.

According to the opinion of psychologists, the secret is hidden in the subordination of the impulse to mother of the woman.

6. “Man, bleak”

The stereotype works. In the following study conducted at the University of British Columbia was found that women evaluate men smiling as less attractive than men orugullosos, somber, or those who have the image of someone guilty.

Therefore, sometimes acting as a “bad man”, you’ll be able to more quickly be of interest to your partner, regardless of whether you are well or not.

7. Strategy reflected

55 percent of communication is non-verbal

We arrived at one of the more subtle methods and effective for flirting called mirror mirror. People copy unconsciously the conversations of what attracts them, that is to say that not only is good communication skills, but also of how you give your feelings and thoughts.

The duplication is a correct method to find out if someone is interested in you. If you notice that your partner copies your movements, that often means that you respond with reciprocity.

8. The intonation of the voice and words

The representation and tone of voice has to do a lot more with flirting than you think. An experiment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that men are more attracted by the women that change their tone of voice. Those women whose voice sounded stronger, and suddenly deeper, causing in men, a … more romantic in comparison with those who spoke monotonously.

And to the women they liked most men who used in a conversation by the words “Yes“, ”Good“, “I see.” They were surprised by the clarity of their intentions and the domination of his own nature.

9. Flirting basics

Trust is the key to success. During the studies of Dr. Monica Moore of the University of Webster in Saint Louis are monitored real people in bars and shopping centres. It showed that the success was not due to the perfect figure of the opposite sex.

Most of the attention was focused on those people who used the basic techniques of flirting such as confidence, smiles and a charm released.

10. The touch

And here is the last secret. Isimply tap! The touch is very important, studies of psicológos in a nightclub showed young women often danced if the man had touched his forearm for 1 or 2 seconds. According to the results of a survey, such men looked to the eyes of the ladies as more reliable and was easier to understand by the shape of the touch how much I was attracted to a stranger.

The expert in attraction Jeremy Nicholson recalls: “When you touch someone, it is usually you seem more sympathetic. And if still you are not so close emotionally to give him a hug, intercámbialo by shake his hand”.

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