10 Photos of the life of more dangerous offenders in the prisons of Norway, and the U.S.

The prison, Halden is the most guarded and strict in Norway. In another part of the Earth, in the united States, within the state of Colorado is also a maximum-security prison called ADX Florence.

In Great.guru we were surprised by the contrast and the mode of education in these two prisons. It is worthwhile to make a stop in your day to look at these images.

Both prisons were created to prevent an escape

On the outside, Halden is seen as a usual maximum-security prison. Justice in Norway is based on the education of the human being that committed the crime and not in its punishment. It is considered that take away the freedom of the individual is already a sufficient penalty. Come here for committing serious crimes. At the same time, the maximum sentence is 21 years.

The maintenance of a prisoner costs to Norway 185 billion USD annually.

Prison, ADX Florence is for criminals and most dangerous terrorists in the world. It is also known as “the Alcatraz of the Rockies”. However, the prisoners can never see the beauty of those mountains. It consists of three institutions corrections with six levels of security and inhuman conditions. Many are here with life imprisonment. Behind the high walls along the perimeter there are fences with barbed wire, which are often patrolled by armed officers with dogs.

The maintenance of a prisoner costs the US 75 thousand USD per year.

Location of the cells

Inside, Halden looks like a sanatorium: door way with metal sheets, the prisoners can go out and communicate with each other, even with the vigilant. The guards are not armed, and almost half of them are women.

The concept of prison is to respect the person and their rights. “We do not see anything extraordinary in this,” says the director of the prison, Are Hoidal.

In ADX Florence prisoners spend 23 hours a day inside the cells of concrete and a large metal door. The acoustic insulation on the walls not only gives opportunity to communicate with other people by voice, but also with the Morse code. Any movement outside the cell is controlled by 3 armed officers accompanying the prisoner.

Outside of the cells

The prison, Halden was designed in such a way that the prisoners were surrounded by nature and could enjoy the trees and green landscapes from their windows. Its designer used 18 colors to create a sense of variety and stimulate various moods. The green color creates a tranquil environment, the color of orange brings energy to the library and to other areas of work.

In ADX Florence inmates for life would never ever be able to see the grass or trees, are surrounded by colors of gray and dark, iron and concrete.

Courtyard of the jail

The courtyard of Halden was designed in such a way that it retained a pine forest of 10 hectares , and to allow the prisoners to see the four seasons of the year. Hidden behind the trees a wall of 6 meters.

There are benches, jogging paths, and tables of stone to play chess.

In ADX Florence courtyards for prisoners to be able to give laps are made inside of a cage of a size of 3.6 to 6 meters, with a fixed bar to exercise and a ball. There is where they carry the prisoners to spend an hour a day. With it are outdoors and can practice sport. Not all can rest in this cage, only those who came to prison under the program of “reduction steps”, which begins after 3 years of your stay. Such prisoners behave well they can move gradually to areas of lower security and spend 10 hours a week outside of the cells.

The cells

The cells with a surface area of 12 square feet is more like a bedroom: the windows do not have burglar bars and have bathrooms with shower, closet for clothes, tv, table and a soft chair. The philosophy of the prison Halden is that even more dangerous offenders have to feel as human beings.

The fourth in ADX Florence has a size of 2.13 by 3.66 metres and is equipped by a bed of concrete, a fixed chair and a desk. In addition, it has a toilet with control of drainage and a showerhead that works by using a timer to prevent flooding. On the wall is hung a metal mirror and a light switch. Some of the prisoners will never feel the softness of a pillow.

The jail is designed in such a way that the being inside is impossible to know your location and plan an escape. Through a narrow window you can see only a piece of the sky or the walls of the prison.

Do sport

The inmates of the prison of Halden may play on teams in a large gimansio with multiple basketball courts and even learn to climb a wall special with the help of an instructor.

The gimansio of ADX Florence is a small space with no windows with a vaulted ceiling that looks like an empty swimming pool. Here in winter the prisoners can do ironing board in fixed bar and do exercises with the ball, of course in solitude.

Hobby, and education

Halden focuses its attention on preparing professionally their prisoners and give them a specialized education so they are prepared for a normal life in freedom. In addition, the help to get a home and a job fixed before the release.

In the rooms of the workshop, the prisoners can use tools, even dangerous. In addition, there is a recording studio, you can learn to play the guitar, piano, bongos, learn how to make pottery and many other things.

In ADX Florence , the only entrentenimiento is a television white and black color by which they pass educational programs, and religious. That is to say that you can’t see “escape from Alcatraz”, for example. There is a library, prisoners can read it without limits, although all the books are selected with great care. In addition, there is a section special legal. The possibility of getting an education is limited and there is work after the release.

According to the program “reduce the steps”, the prisoner has access to the art, hobby, and crafts and you can even rest outside of the cells with three other prisoners.

Conditions for believers

The believers in the prison Halden can pray in a bedroom special. To make masses, reach special people of different religions.

In ADX Florence are imprisoned many muslims for terrorism. For they are available the Arabic books and movies are selected carefully on the Islam. In the cell is a prayer rug and a hat, four times a week can talk with the imam.

Communication and family gatherings

A cozy rest room in Halden is equipped for prisoners to not only be able to communicate freely, but also play video games, drink tea and watch movies. In this place they may meet with their relatives.

Inmates of ADX Florence can communicate once a month for 15 minutes by phone through a thick glass shield. Any other connection with the outside world is prohibited. The prisoners with life imprisonment will never be able to touch your wife or your children.

Those who participate in the program to “reduce the steps” obtain the right to communicate for up to five hours each month with their relatives via telephone.


The prisoners in Halden are allowed to use forks, unlike the prisons of other countries. Can cook along with other prisoners, to prepare their own food, eating together and buy fresh fruit at the store of the prison.

The food in ADX Florence is carried only by guards. It is served on a tray through a “feeder” special in the door of the cell. There are 4 diets: a simple, no cholesterol, for people with cardiovascular disease and normal.

Under the program “reduce the steps” that inmates are allowed to eat in the common dining room.

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