10 Stories that prove that a good sense of humor is the key to a strong relationship

10 Historias que demuestran que un buen sentido del humor es la clave para una relación fuerte

The people who react with humor to minor problems or unusual situations not only relieve the environment, but also provide moments of laughter, and genuine to the people around you. And love and live with such individuals it is a pleasure because at least they won’t let you get bored.

Great.guru has compiled 10 stories about people whose sense of humor has made your life as a couple is much brighter. Oh and more fun!

  • I bought a apricot oil and make a cream for the face. Is always in my fridge. I come from work and I see that the jar of my cream is empty and newly washed. I ask my husband: “Where is my cream?” And is looking at me and mumbles: “I ate it… I was Just thinking ’this jam had a weird flavor’”. But how can that be? How was it possible for it to engulf my face cream? Do you coat it in bread and eat it accompanied with a cup of tea?
  • I recently happened an unpleasant situation. I was very upset, I cried. At that time my boyfriend was next to me. I was lying down, wrapped in a blanket and wept in silence. He came, I pitied, I stroked. Nothing worked. “Well, she cries a bit, I know how to do it well,” he said. And then he put a song very sad. It was very funny. As a result, I could not stand it and began to laugh.
  • Last night my husband shouted from the living room: “Come here fast! It runs!” I was scared, I didn’t know what was going on. I walk in and he, pleased, tells me: “Look, you ripped with the advertising christmas Coca-Cola. Soon come the holidays.”
  • In October, I was nursing a concussion. And madly I wanted to the arrival of the holidays of the end of the year, the fuss, decorate the house and put the Christmas tree. I shared this with my boyfriend. Who would have imagined that in a few hours I would touch my door with a branch of pine?
  • Today I saw my neighbor getting into a pine tree to her apartment yelling at his wife: “did you Want to holidays? Here you have them! It takes!”
  • My husband works for 15 hours while standing. His work boots already broke, templates and all what is beneath it, have been shredded. And brought them home, asked me to wash them. The washed, I looked at the remains of the templates and I realized that my husband had been down napkins. The I threw and I felt really bad for my husband. I decided to help him. He didn’t want to buy a new one while they “continue to live”. Since there were no new templates in house, I pulled out a pair of running shoes. I put them and it seemed to me that it was not soft enough. And then I had a better idea that to put under the insoles of my wipes intimate thicker. He called me from work. I thought that I had discovered and asked him: “do You feel comfortable with your shoes?” “They’re very soft!”
  • In December of last year I brought home a box of tangerines. I went to work and when I came back in the afternoon I saw my wife sitting on the floor with a sad face next to a box half empty of mandarin oranges and a mountain of peel. Just wanted to say something, she shouted happily, “found you!” and put several slices of tangerine in his mouth.
  • I recently bought a hair dryer modern. I decided to experiment and put together a hairstyle for a stroll through the department and scratch the roof. I got it. Five minutes after I was hooked with the lamp, I enredé and I was in the middle of the room for 4 fucking hours, because I could not desanudarme or grab the phone. You should see the face of my boyfriend, who had not been able to communicate with me, he cared, he asked to leave before from work and to break into the apartment, he found me in that situation. That idiot for half an hour he laughed at me and sent pictures to their friends.
  • My husband always leaves me with the last hottie in the dulcera. And it is very cute gesture, if you do not take into account the fact that he eats all the others.
  • When I was a teenager, my mother complained for several days that he was not sleeping well, gave it back, something was bothering him in the bed. Then, under the mattress he found a potato that prevented him from sleeping. It turned out that my father had decided to check to see if my mother was a real princess, as in the fairy tale “The princess on a pea”, but instead of a pea put the potato. Then he said: “it Is a real princess.”

What funny stories happened in your family? I share them in the comments!

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