10 Images intimate the birth of a new life where mothers support their daughters to give birth

Huffington Post, next to the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, have made a series of incredible photographs which capture the moment of the birth in women who gave birth while their mothers accompanied them. The footprint that he has left will be indelible.

Great.guru has not been able to resist to publish this collection along with the comments of the artists of such images.


“This mother cared so lovingly for his daughter while suffering contractions, which I broke to cry.”


“The time of a special bond between a new mother and newly grandmother: the grandmother tells her daughter how proud she is of her.”


“I could not contain my tears. How much love are home to these parents!”


“Yvonne passed along to his daughter Daniel all the labor, from beginning to end”.


“I was moved greatly how the mother encouraged her daughter. She knew exactly how to make you feel more comfortable. He massaged the back and watched eat, because I needed strength to give birth. What a great team!”


“During this long night gave all their strength to her daughter. Now everything had been completed. She supports her back, completely exhausted, her emotions overflow. And I can hardly hold my camera.”


“When the doctor announced the sex of the baby, everyone jumped out with a cry of joy: ’It’s a boy!’ The mother broke into tears and looked at his daughter, who has just become a mother, with a love and adoration indescribable”.


“The mother was able to cope with the delivery, was very strong throughout the process. The baby showed a small shoulder dystocia, but he managed beautifully! Gave birth to her daughter in the bathtub and as soon as the grandmother saw the small, broke lllorar. The excitement on their faces when they looked at it is difficult to describe with words!”


“This photo was taken after the birth. The mother rocked her daughter. A moment of incredible tenderness in their relationship.”


“The love that flooded the room, I could literally feel with your hands!”

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