10 Disturbing crimes that may be due to paranormal activities

Despite how much it has advanced criminology, there are many, many cases that seem to just have no explanation. The culprits vanished without a trace and people are dying in a way that seems impossible.

When even the experts are totally baffled in these situations, we usually resort to the world of paranormal with the hope of gaining a little more clarity. It is easy to say that everything is a pantomime, but if you can’t prove otherwise, how do you know that there isn’t really any paranormal entity involved?

Here are 10 crimes that may be related to paranormal activities:

1 – The assassination of JFK

10 Inquietantes crímenes que podrían deberse a actividades paranormales

Despite the fact that they arrested the alleged murderer of JFL, many people think that it was all a sham. By regrettable it may be, there are always people who benefit from the death of some high political office.

Later, some experts determined that there could be a second shooter involved in the assassination of the president, and that Lee Harvey Oswald was only a way to cover up a plan darker that the simple murder of JFK.

There are countless theories that involve entities, paranormal and even aliens attempting to explain who could have been the second shooter in the assassination of JFK. When the death of a very important person continues to be unresolved, it is inevitable that there are conspiracies about what might have happened.

2 – Vanished in the air

10 Inquietantes crímenes que podrían deberse a actividades paranormales

Jason Jolkowski was a teenager like any other who worked at a fast food restaurant to earn some money. a day had some problems with his car on the way to work, so we had to ask a teammate to pick him up.

Stuck with the companion they pick him up in the institute of your neighborhood. Maybe he did it to be a point of reference more easy for his team mate, but the reason why Jason was asked to pick up there is not clear.

Unfortunately, Jason did not appear never. The last person who saw Jason was his neighbor as he pulled the trash. There has been no trace of Jason since then, and no one has any idea of what could have happened.

The guy had no enemies and was never involved in anything that could lead him to be kidnapped or murdered. There were No signs of abduction and no witness saw him with anyone else. It was as if it had disappeared in the air.

3 – The mystery of Hinterkaifeck

10 Inquietantes crímenes que podrían deberse a actividades paranormales

The family of Hinterkaifeck was composed by the father, Andreas, of 63 years, his wife Cazilia, of 72 years, his daughter, Viktoria, 35 and the two children of Viktoria that she cared single, Cazilia, 7 years old, and Josef, 2. They also had a maid that lived on his family farm named Mary, of 44 years.

Maria began to work for the family after the last maid of the farm to abandon the work, stating that the house was haunted. During the first working day of Mary, the family Hinterkaifeck was attracted by the stable while Victoria stayed at home with Josef.

Andreas, his wife and their granddaughter were killed with a hoe, a tool similar to an axe. Viktoria and Josef were also killed in the house. The strangest thing of this story is that there was never any suspect, nor any explanation. Neither took anything from the house, so that it could not have been a theft. Who, what and why the family Hinterkaifeck was killed will be a mystery that never gets resolved.

4 – The bully night

10 Inquietantes crímenes que podrían deberse a actividades paranormales

“Bully night” original was a killer of the 1970s in California that still has not been captured or identified. Given his reputation, another man named Richard Ramirez and arrested for similar crimes, with the time it was known also with the name of “The stalker night”.

Surprisingly, the killer original was never found despite raping 50 women and killing other 6. The only information you have about this psychopath were some sketches made by his victims.

It was said that traveling through tunnels and secret passages that had the entire city to avoid being trapped. The way I got to perform all their crimes without leaving any trace makes me think that some force paranormal will be helping. Whatever it is able to do as much evil from the anonymity has to be something more than a human.

5 – how Possessed by a demon or tortured by parents?

10 Inquietantes crímenes que podrían deberse a actividades paranormales

The case of Annelise Michel is quite controversial, since it generates different opinions among scientists and religious. Annelise was a woman of 23 years who underwent an exorcism catholic in 1976. He finally died by what some believe was the result of her exorcism.

There are those who think that the real cause of his death was malnutrition, because his family kept it totally hidden while performing the exorcism. The young man had a history of depression, psychosis and seizures, but it doesn’t matter the amount of medication and therapy that I received, never improved.

Their parents resorted to a priest, who determined that should be possessed by some kind of demon. Shortly after they started with the exorcism, which lasted almost a year before Annelise lost his or her life.

6 Bone – not identified

10 Inquietantes crímenes que podrían deberse a actividades paranormales

Four victims different were found in the same trash containers in a park between 1985 and 2000. The first two victims that were discovered in 1985, were a woman and a child. Fifteen years later, in 2000, there were two small girls of between 1 and 4 years.

It was quite difficult to determine the ages of way exact since the only remains that were left belonged to his bones. The only thing that is known of them is that they are related in any way. None of the girls were claimed by someone, so until the day of today, their identities still remain unknown.

Who knows if a type of paranormal phenomenon was what they sought was found; the body of these girls without identify?

7 – The incident at Dyatlov Pass

10 Inquietantes crímenes que podrían deberse a actividades paranormales

Nine hikers set out for a trip thinking it would be one of the best of their lives without knowing that, unfortunately, would end up being a horrible event now known as the Incident of the Pass Dyatlov.

At some point during the trip decided to set up a camp to rest in their sleeping bags. Unfortunately, something happened in the middle of the night that made them come out of their shops and flee in her pajamas. Any experienced hiker as the of this story you will know that brave the cold weather without the right equipment leads to a certain death, however, something made to be so terrified that they decided to get out of there as fast as possible.

Finally, the nine adventurers were found dead, six of hypothermia and three from a physical trauma. What is most disturbing is that those who were killed by a physical trauma had internal fractures similar to those that would produce the impact of a traffic accident. Who or what caused these mysterious wounds?

8 – Bloody House

10 Inquietantes crímenes que podrían deberse a actividades paranormales

Minnie and William Winston was surprised to find his house full of blood after waking up one morning either. The woman found blood on the floor and the walls of the hallways, the basement and four of the six rooms of your house.

Neither she nor her husband suffered cuts or any other accident that could have been produced by the blood. After being analyzed by the authorities, it was established that the blood did not belong to the couple, but also coincided with the of any offender and missing persons.

Then, what could have caused the bleeding? What was the house that was bleeding? Was it a kind of projection of something of the past?

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