10 Bad habits that will have a couple of things on the that has

Every person has a series of habits that, for some reason, are difficult to eradicate. This is because the changes reflect the peculiarities of our character and if we learn about them, we will know easily what you feel the person at a given time or what kind of individual we have in front of us.

Great.guru found out what they say about us bad habits more frequent.

10. Eat the nails

If you eat the nails, means that you are a perfectionist innate. Everything in your life should be ideal and it is yourself with whom you are more demanding.

Aspire to excellence is, of course, commendable, but it is still worthwhile, at least sometimes, allow yourself to relax a little.

9. Tighten the grains

According to psychologists, the habit of tightening the granites speaks of a subconscious desire to become more open to the world. At a deep level of perception, the skin is a kind of barrier between the individual and the environment, and in this way the person supposedly tries to destroy it.

8. Curl the hair in the finger

The habit of rolling it up or touching your hair speaks of the existence of the eternal questions that arise in your soul. Do you review all the time in your mind situations in the past, looking for the answers and the reactions that would have been more appropriate.

7. Leave the dishes dirty the entire night

Do not wash the dishes after a meal and leave cups of tea and coffee throughout the house is own of those people who postpone things and do them at the last moment. In your great plans, often you kind of miss some small details that may later impede the accomplishment of what is desired.

6.To eat in excess

It is unlikely that after a hearty dinner you feel like eating something else, but not in your case. Even sated, you’re still taking another cookie, candy or sandwich. And you continue until you feel that your stomach is about to explode.

The reason for this behavior lies in the lack of love and concern for others. Eating in excess is as if you wanted to quench the emptiness inside.

5. Laughing out loud

If you’re used to laughing out loud in public places, means that, in reality, you don’t have enough attention from others and in this way you try to attract it. With a strong laugh and mock you try to quell your own insecurity and seem like a happy person that nothing is missing.

4. Cracked fingers

It is believed that this habit is more common in men. Speaks of insecurity and desire to protect others, supposedly ahuyentándolos with the sound.

3. Not to make the bed

Not to make the bed is to own people disorganized, accustomed to rely in the destination and not in their own strength. In the background, this class of individuals rely on them esperanlogros much more important, with which you simply do not see the sense of wasting energy on the small stuff like this.

2. Use words to fill

The use of words of filler like “you know“ and ”or” speech that do not reach the pace of your thoughts and try to “slow down” to give you time to get organized and follow. This habit is more common in people who are active and creative.

1. Remove labels of the bottles

If you always rasgas or remove the labels of the bottles, means that internally you want to have a beautiful life and that you are not satisfied with the current state of things. Unconsciously you want to change something and to achieve an internal balance.

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