10 dangerous Myths about the flu that we have to forget to always

The cold season sooner or later forces us to say goodbye to the heat and the sun until the spring. It is a time of a great amount of colds that affect our body is weakened, in particular the much-hated flu. We immediately started to fight against the unpleasant symptoms, but often only worsens the illness.

Great.guru introduces you to the ranking of the myths more absurd about the flu that put in danger your health.

10. The chinstrap is only for the sick

Myth: the mask only has to be used by the person who is already sick to not infect others.

Reality: usually, not all people infected by the flu virus or the holders of their symptoms follow the recommendations and use a chinstrap. That’s why, to protect themselves with security for a healthy person also has to use it.

9. The flu is only transmitted to those who have the symptoms

Myth: a person may not carry or spread the virus to others if you are in a healthy state.

Fact: about 30 percent of people carry the virus, even without knowing it. Therefore, during a period of flu activity is necessary to minimize the contact with the others, look carefully at the rules of personal hygiene and taking antiviral medications.

8. External factors can negatively affect the health

Myth: you can get sick from the flu if you dress with light clothing, not using cap or eat an ice cream. All of this can affect your health.

Reality: only you can get really sick from the flu if you’re exposed to the virus. The external circumstances may not make the situation worse if you do not meet what first.

7. A healthy person does not need a vaccine

Myth: it is more likely that the infection affects children and older people with chronic diseases. However, for people with a strong immunity it is almost impossible that this happens.

Reality: the flu vaccine can not make sure 100 percent that you will not get it too from the flu virus, but without it the probability of getting sick during an epidemic of influenza is much greater. In addition, you can only inoculate people who are completely healthy.

6: The vaccine is all that you need to fight the flu

Myth: after the shot you don’t have anything to worry about, all your body is protected 100 percent.

Reality: before and after you receive the vaccine you have to try to avoid the direct contact with the infected, not to neglect the elementary rules of hygiene, wash your hands as often as possible and taking antiviral medications. So you’ll be able to protect your body much better.

5. The flu is not dangerous

Myth: if you take medications, nothing bad will happen to you. Not worth worth it to pay attention to the restless human influenza viruses.

Fact: the symptoms of the flu are similar to those of a strong cold: runny nose, redness and pain of throat, cough and headache. However, the flu may present with symptoms more acute. In addition, it can bring serious complications. It is not rare for the hospitalization of patients or death from this type of complications.

4. The chicken broth can be a effective medicine against the flu

Myth: it is necessary that the sick eat chicken soup to recover faster without drugs and other things.

Reality: the broth warm influences of pleasantly in the throat inflamed, but does not contain elements that help to accelerate the process of recovery. Can be consumed with the aim of prevent, but taking it as a single medication in any way.

3. The flu vaccine makes you sick of the flu

Myth: after vaccination, a person begins to feel a sharp discomfort and your condition gets worse. That’s why you have to think carefully before getting to this point.

Reality: the virus that contains the vaccine is already dead and can’t cause any harm. Occasionally, you may have a headache, runny nose and sore throat, which are not dangerous and will pass quickly.

2. When you have the flu, take antibiotics

Myth: antibiotics will help fight the flu virus, so the patient has to take them immediately.

Reality: in this case, the antibiotics don’t work completely. They are able to kill the bacteria, that is why it is necessary to take them if you the flu worsened due to secondary bacterial infections. Otherwise, the consumption of such drugs can adversely affect the health of the body.

1. The flu vaccine should be applied only once and for a lifetime

Myth: it is not necessary to apply the vaccine each year. Once you do, your body will be protected for the whole life.

Reality: every year the flu virus suffers mutations and ceases to react to the shot above. That is why the vaccination process should be repeated on a regular basis.

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