10 Films based on real events that are no more than a lie

In the context of the competition aggressive, film studies are ready to heat up the interest of the viewers in all possible ways. Including say that the hyphens are fictitious they are based on “true stories”. But, as they say, “no blood, no guilt”.

In Great.guru , we decided to verify the sincerity of the directors. We made a list of movies that promised a true story, but in fact turned out to be fiction.

“The draft Blair witch”, by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez (1999)

In the pursuit of rating, Myrick and Sanchez came up with an urban legend. “Buried” all the actors, “unearthed” tapes and did the mounting of the film. Then combined posters of the film with ads on the search of the actors. In addition, they launched a web site where published police reports and interviews in the style of the news. As a result, the film became viral on the reality and on the Internet.

“The perfect Storm’s” Wolfgang Petersen (2000)

The film is presented to the viewer as a catastrophe biographical, based on the monograph of the same name by Sebastian Junger. The stories that seem real with good actors make you believe them. But the facts say that the story ends in the moment in which a group of fishermen going to the sea. After that no one else saw them. All the rest is a mixture of the thoughts of the author with the imagination of the director.

“The Strangers” Bryan Bertino (2008)

The slogan of the film said: “Inspired by actual events”, but in fact it turned out that the story was completely fictitious. In his defense, the director recalled the facts of the manipulative, blood-thirsty Charles Manson and a story of childhood on three young men who robbed the homes on your block. But the advertising campaign bore fruit. The movie profitable your budget almost 9 times.

“This is Spinal Tap”, Rob Reiner (1984)

This true story was far beyond the cameras. A fake documentary about a rock band, dummy, the success of which is in decline surprised the spectators who had no idea of any “Spinal Tap”. But after a time the british liked the movie and they began to listen to the songs of the rock band fiction. The movie became a cult and the band “Spinal Tap” is recognized on a global scale.

“The massacre of Texas”, Tobe Hooper (1974)

The director of this film was beyond. In addition to the plot dummy also designated specific dates for the events “real”. Hooper stated that the film was based on the story of Ed Gein, but the resemblance to the manic real is insignificant. We’re going to celebrate that this movie cruel is just a product of the imagination.

“Fargo”, the Coen brothers (1996)

At the beginning of the film the Coen brothers warn that the plot was based on real events in the state of Minnesota, and the names of the characters are changed to protect the real people. This fact of course was intrigued viewers. Later, the directors admitted that such a story could have happened in reality but had not yet been aware of.

“Possession of satan”, Ole Bornedal (2012)

There are such boxes dybbuk, is truth. But the script of the film tells about a family that bought a box with an evil spirit inside it is fictitious. A box of vintage, around which revolved the whole story is really something interesting. One by one, owners told stories of strange and tried to get rid of it from the first day. As a result, the box grim came to the set.

“Contacts of the fourth kind”, Olatunde Osunsanmi (2009)

Another thriller pseudo-documentary in which all of them believed. The film declares with firmness that the disappearance of the inhabitants of Nome is the work of the green men. It is full of “images” file and a pseudo-interviews. This history convinced the inhabitants of the city, in reality, the mayor himself had to assure the people that the plot was fictitious.

“Good morning, Vietnam,” Barry Levinson’s (1987)

The drama about a charismatic radio announcer, as it turned out, it has something real. In fact, the character is inspirádo in the DJ Adrian Cronauer, but is changed beyond recognition, as well as many facts of history. As a former radio announcer, said later: “This story has nothing to do with reality, was invented to entertain”.

“Killers elite”, Gary McKendry (2011)

The film action british-australian is based on the novel “men pens” of Ranulph Fiennes, who in turn ensures that everything you described happened in reality. The book by the way was too questionable, because they did not believe in all the “facts” published on it. It was this reaction that the author sought, decorating the cover of the book with a question: “Fact or fiction?”. But then he admitted that the entire project was a fiction.

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