10 Little secrets that men hide their girlfriends

They all have their little secrets. Sometimes even the closest people do not know about them. Romantic relationships, where he must reign candor, boundless trust and understanding infinite is an excellent example of that secrets can be felt even in the harshest conditions.

In Great.guru decided to declassify the “terrible” secrets male that the man would never admit it to his girlfriend.

10. Flirt extra marital affair

Flirting has become a little daily ritual, to which we give almost no importance. A small compliment to a colleague, the gaze of a stranger on the subway, a rubbing almost casual in a bar… what For tell your beloved?

9. White lie

Believe me, men hate fights and conflicts, so they use weapons to be effective: the deception. Love and trust can heal a man of lies endless.

8. Full confidence is a myth

The full trust is a legend romantic that still believe that they are madly in love. A man always suspect that your girlfriend or wife betrays him preparing for a small revelation. Just because it is more secure than being a silly gullible.

7. He is also sentimental

Despite the muscular torso, the serious look and deep voice, the men are just as emotional as women. Just that unlike them, they pretend very well.

6. Hides the level of income

Even the calculator will refuse to count the number of couples who were separated due to the “battles” of money. Men always subconsciously underestimate their level of income. Don’t get offended by this small lie, and are secured against future problems.

5. He has his dark past

Answer honestly: does your other half knows all the “sins” of your previous life? Surely you wanted to forget some of them, as if they were nightmares. Then, men also have their past and in most cases is much more diverse than yours. These secrets are not there to count them or to close friends.

4. He is happy when you are thinking of important issues

Another small secret: it is glad that it’s you who raised important issues. Believe me, he also wants to talk about the future and the present, but, as we all know, men do not like to show their feelings and emotions.

3. It increases the number of ex-partners

The number of ex-partners is that according to which a man estimates his attractiveness and charisma. Yes, it’s silly, but in the world of men happens as well. Therefore, if you ever mentioned how many relationships you had in your life, you can divide it by two.

2. But it obscures the reasons of separations with your ex

If you ask why they broke up, and he’ll reply, “well, we didn’t get along”, really wants to say: “I’ve Always behaved like a pig”. And if she repeats: “I have been deceived,” and this means “to The left and not in the best way.” The man doesn’t want to admit even to yourself that you behaved, to put it mildly, incorrectly. So it is better to silence this time before the new chosen.

1. Hide your fears from you

We are accustomed to perceive men as superheroes muscles who are always ready to help. The fear seems to be an unknown word for them. But we are all people, and men can have a fear of hairy spiders.

Illustrator Natalia Kulakova for Great.guru

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