10+ People who have made the live television unforgettable

The live videos we show the actual behavior of the people you follow on social networks and we would like to know personally. It can also be quite educational to see their reactions to different types of uncomfortable circumstances.

Great.guru wants to show you different ways to get out unscathed in situations where you are not allowed to fail. You’ll also find some tips to avoid embarrassing situations. Let’s start!

Wear green on tv

The people that work in television know this rule: never ever use garments that are green in the television. Do you want to know why? This color can be used as a green screen on the television, and offers greater opportunities to create a new look for you. There are No limits to the possibilities.

And the Oscar goes to…

It’s not every day you win the statuette of the Oscar for best actress, so being super excited is well. In addition, perhaps Jennifer Lawrence deserves another award for a fall so graceful, don’t you think?

Who does not risk will never drink champagne

If you still think that the phrase “don’t try this at home” is for the weak, there are instructions detailed to open a bottle of champagne with a knife. There are many ways to do this, but first test your corkscrew.

Make your dreams a reality

It is very hard not to do this and almost all believe that they must do it now or never! Why not be a star if only for a couple of seconds?

Rose, but did not wake up

The reporter decided to make his report more interesting to walk around and look directly into the camera and it really worked. Until something went wrong. Make sure to always ride with care!

Forget what I was talking about

How often do you see a reporter dressed elegantly? Meet Vanessa Huppenkothen, the mexican reporter of sporting events and, probably, herself a star in every event in which he makes his reports.

Be charming, can be educational

With presenters such as Errol Barnett, the media can engage many millions of people in the expansion of their horizons. Seems to be a man cover: everything is perfect. Once comieza to speak, it becomes more difficult to be distracted.

We can’t let you see it in repeat

Sometimes, an animal’s unfortunate you can bring a great dose of popularity more rapidly than any other type of advertising. This incident occurred during a program of cooking in the French television and caught the attention of many people.

No matter what happens, never give up

It is a comforting feeling when you’re not failing alone. A great example of team work.

At least they tried

Look at these sincere efforts not to spoil the work of someone. The people in charge of the implementation of the law and the public order and are deserving of respect for your understanding and support.

You’re not you when you’re hungry

The people who work in television sometimes have to make sacrifices that are not always in your favor. This is because taking care of others first. We should be thankful for this.

Whatever happens, do not get emotional

In most cases, our emotions are the cause of our failures. Madonna showed a perfect example of how to act when something is wrong, in the “Brit Awards”. As a result, their performance was less effective, but in its place was more natural and lively.

The world needs more children

The children of Professor Robert Kelly made memorable the interview and brought people to their television screens, at the same time. Whoever you are, your children will make your life brighter.

Try to keep in mind that, whatever happens, there is always a positive side in any situation. It will be much better if we remember this point and smile or even make a joke in an awkward moment. The positivity is the key to happiness!

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