10 Plants that can turn any garden into a true oasis

More and more homes prefer to pave their front yards in place of converting them into beautiful gardens. However, in many western cities, these spaces constitute 1/3 of the total in an urban area. A beautiful home garden can make you happy and make your home look more welcoming. In addition, this type of decoration can increase the value of your property by up to 20%. After all, what can be more beautiful than plants and flowers?

Great.guru invites you to explore the world of the beautiful plants can make your garden a place more lively. Check this list to find out what to buy and plan a visit to your garden center nearest you. Read to the end to get to one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

1. Hydrangea strawberry vanilla

This plant became a favorite due to its amazing flowers in ombré: colours of the same change from white to bright pink, and live for about 4 weeks. The shrub blooms from spring until late autumn, and can reach a height of 2 meters and a width of 1.5 meters. The plant loves the sun and requires regular watering during their blooming period.

2. Tree rododedro

This amazing tree in the picture above is over 100 years old, but even younger people can be so impressive. When planted properly, they require little maintenance. They grow best when placed out of direct sunlight and in an area protected from the wind. If all goes well, you’ll enjoy abundant flowers each year.

3. Forsythia

The flowering of this plant color yellow you can start at the end of February. It is a plant easy to cultivate and fast growing, able to withstand temperatures as low as -28°C. it also does Not require any special soil and it can work well even in areas partially shaded.

4. Rosa de Gueldres

The rosa de Gueldres, or viburnum opollus, encourages the gardens to the end of the spring with huge clusters of white flowers, and in the fall it does so with its red fruit and leaves in the same color. Likes the sun, can be planted in any soil, it is mostly wind resistant and can tolerate low temperatures.

5. Cherry Nanking or Prunus tomentosa

Cherry Nanking is a dense shrub that has a flavor as pleasant as its appearance. The plant can withstand severe winters, and its flowers white to pinkish cover all the stems. After some time produces cherries that know sweet, acidic and bitter at the same time.

6. Tree of the wigs, or Cotinus

The tree of the wigs, also known as Cotinus, is remarkable not only by the shape of their colorful leaves, but also by the color purple or pink flowers that cover it making it seem like a cloud of smoke when they bloom in mid-summer. The intensity of the tone depends on the soil in which it grows. The shrub can tolerate low temperatures and there are different types of plants available in various colors, sizes and flowering periods.

7. Otto Luyken, or Prunus laurocerasus

This shrub is ideal for gardens that lack a lot of space with its small glossy leaves, delicate appearance, and spikes of fragrant flowers that appear in spring. It can tolerate being under the sun for long periods of time, but also can be planted in the shade. When it is necessary, you can cut and convert into a hedge or fence.

8. The lilo or rubber (shrub lilac)

The shrub of lilac has many varieties, which makes it easier for everyone to find the right one for your garden. Just make sure that your plant not to grow too much and always pódala to time. Depending on the type, the color of the flowers can vary from white, bright pink, blue, or violet.

9. Mother forest or Honeysuckle

The plants of honeysuckle not only decorate the garden, but also produce berries which, although they are bitter, have lots of vitamins. It is easy to grow with fragrant flowers. There are two varieties: climbing and bush type, great for covering fences.

10. Magnolia

Although the magnolia is often seen as a plant of the south, there are also different varieties that can tolerate colder weather as the north. Its large flowers cheerful give life to the early spring. You could also opt for a variety more stuffy that you can even transform it into a beautiful hedge. All species, when they bloom, they are full of a aroma great.


The beautiful park of Keukenhof, which is located in the Netherlands, home to different types of plants and trees which you can get inspiration for decorate your garden. This amazing place has flowers that can be enjoyed annually from late march until mid-may, and exhibits in its 32 hectares, more than 800 varieties of tulips. Who knows? Maybe you can recreate a mini Keukenhof in your front yard.

What plants are you impressed most and made a place on your shopping list for next season? Do you know any more that you want to add to this list? Please share your opinions, impressions and experiences of gardening in the comments below!

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