10 Products that never sold at a discount

The word “settlement” is similar to an enchantment in magic that attracts us to the shops. However, there are a number of products in which it is not possible to save.

Great.guru met 10 of them and found some useful tips that will help you to distinguish quality products from fake to take care of your budget.

10. Silk

Of all the natural fabrics, the silk has a greater resistance. At the same time, it is elastic and allows the air to stay dry by absorbing the moisture of the skin. These properties make the products of silk are the most comfortable.

Helpful tip: to distinguish the natural silk of the imitation, it is necessary to take it and squeeze it for a few seconds. The silk practically do not wrinkle, therefore the marks must be little discernible or absent altogether.

9. Alpaca wool

The alpaca wool is said to be one of the most expensive in the world. The clothing of this material practically does not wrinkle, for a long time maintain an ideal appearance, as a result its price is high. The price for a sweater starts from approximately $ 100 USD.

Helpful tip: to distinguish the original from the counterfeit, take a piece of thread and burn it. The smell of tar and burning indicates that the content of the wool there is no more than a 10 per cent alpaca wool.

8. Cotton clothing

Garments made with cotton are valued for their user-friendliness with the environment, hypoallergenic properties and the comfort they give when used. While more cotton have the garment more expensive will be its price.

Helpful tip: you can differentiate synthetic fabric for its characteristic brightness. In addition, the cotton always takes the body temperature, and materiarles artificial always remain cool.

7. Jeans

Feeling tempted by the low price, and with the thought that you will be very well, you take the risk to buy some jeans that will stretch to the first washed. A quality of a good denim is that, unlike imitation, you will last more than a year.

Helpful tip: before you buy jeans dóblalos at the seams. If you notice that you have even a small asymmetry in your hands you have a imitation. Also pay attention to the quality of the accessories and the uniformity of the stitching.

6. Shoes

When choosing a pair of shoes and the question that we need that you do not have to do only with aesthetics, but also with the health. The expensive models, as a rule have a design thought to help you not feel discomfort when using them. These shoes almost did not rub and that’s why almost no feel on the feet.

Helpful tip: to verify the quality of the shoes there are to fold them up slightly. The sole has to be soft enough and flexible. Also pay attention to the stitching and the color uniform.

5. Belt

A belt worn can damage any image. Products made of artificial leather, but are cheaper, they lose faster its value. If this accessory is part of your daily use, it is best to invest in one of quality instead of dividing the budget into multiple purchases.

Helpful hint: to distinguish natural leather from artificial is fairly simple. To do it let fall a little water on the surface of the same. If it absorbs moisture, you can ask the seller where is the cash to pay.

4. Sun lenses

The sun lenses of poor quality can damage your sight, because without a special filter will not provide protection against the ultraviolet rays.

Helpful tip: the warranty of the chosen model can be evaluated according to the full set. It has to consist of a sleeve with the logo of the brand engraved, tissue, and booklet with information. In addition, on the inner side should be engraved with the name of the model. In this booklet, there is to check the information about the percentage of UV-A radiation, UV-B, UV-C and the wave length (in nanometers) blocked by the lens. It is better to give preference to the lenses with a score of 400 nanometers.

3. Watch

The cheap watches of the elite simply do not exist. A price with a 20 percent discount is a time to reflect. With this accessory it is best to consider the following rule: “better none than a fake one”.

Helpful hint: before making a purchase looks on the model chosen all of the details. The counterfeit may have the slightest flaw: a scratch or scrape on the bracelet, the differences between the color of the pointer, marks and a bulge in perfect condition.

2. Lipstick

The naturalness of the composition of the lipstick is reflected in its cost, and almost you will not see a reduction in these products. Worth recodrarlo when the seller offers you a 70 percent discount on products organic.

Helpful hint: a sign of the quality products are note components such as: wax (bee, carnaúba palm, candelilla), aceíte (castor, coconut), vitamins A, E, B, and collagen.

1. Perfume

The low price of the perfumes listed low quality ingredients in its composition. In the best case it will lose its smell after 30 minutes, the worse you will leave a strong chemical odor.

Helpful hint: an effective way to distinguish the original from the fake is by looking at the number in the batch. This should coincide with the out of the box.

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