10 Reasons not so obvious to visit the doctor as soon as possible: some can be life-saving

We are accustomed to overlook a minor health problem, and few would go running to teach the doctor a grain suspect or to complain of fatigue that is repeated most of the account.

It is interesting that the women, according to the statistics, are more attentive to their health. More often seek help when the symptoms are still minor, the disease is found at an early stage and, therefore, it is easier to cope with. Most men, however, are based on the theory that “that will happen only”.

In Great.guru does not want to raise with this article longer than normal for your level of anxiety about health, but the doctors encourage you to pay more attention to some details. We must take them into account!

1. After a cold, you get tired quickly and you can hardly breathe

It is considered that the main symptoms of pneumonia are cough, fever and long-lasting. However, the pneumonia hidden is not the enemy so strange to health. If you have recently suffered a viral infection acute respiratory and still have trouble breathing when doing little activity, and during the day they accumulate a lot of fatigue, this may indicate a pneumonia latent. It also can accompany other symptoms: wheezing during inspiration and exhalation of breath, irritability, and pallor. A visit to the doctor will not be amiss in these cases.

2. In any place, under the skin, it has left a lump

The instructions of self-diagnostic to look for any risk of cancer, as a general rule, involve feel and look for lumps in specific places: for example, in the chest and the groin.

However, the location of the packages of different etiologies may appear all over the body. Can be lipomas or atheromas relatively harmless (a variety of fatty acids), but also may be symptoms of more serious illnesses. The first doctor that will help you to dispel any doubt in the matter is a dermatologist.

3. Fall abundant hair

Without exaggeration, the endocrine system influences all the processes that occur in our body. Therefore, to control the health of the thyroid is imperative. One of the symptoms less obvious that something is wrong with the hormone levels is the sudden onset of the fall or a change in the structure of the hair.

Hair cells are the most “rapid” of the body, and hormonal changes can lead to the growth of hair decreases too much, the hair becomes finer, weaker and start so its fall. If this is coupled with an irritability uncommon, and fatigue, an imbalance of up and down in terms of body weight, or an irregular menstruation, then it is a compelling reason to visit with the endocrinologist before the tricólogo.

4. Shortness of breath which manifests suddenly

People who suffer from chronic diseases related to the respiratory system know the reasons of their difficulties to breathe.

But what happens if breathing difficulties appear, so, without more? The doctors appeal to 2 common causes: gastroesophageal reflux disease or heart problems. In reality, this reflux, that is to say, the penetration into the esophagus of gastric contents, is not always manifested by a burning pain or an upset stomach, but the shortness of breath, especially after eating, is a chaperone frequent this problem. The shortness of breath also “walk by the side” of the heart failure, so that if the attack is repeated, it is well worth to go to a doctor if you need to make some tests.

5. Menstruation is painful

Gynecologists say that a menstrual period very painful, which is normal in young girls when the cycle is just settling down. If the womb during the period it hurts a lot already in adult age, is a significant reason for visiting the gynecologist, in order to exclude the endometriosis, the cause of many problems in the reproductive system of women.

In endometriosis, the lining of the uterine cavity is extended further and can be placed where it is assumed that should not be, for example, in the peritoneum, ovaries and intestines. With menses, these fragments “outstanding” behave as you would behave within the uterus. That is to say, increase in size and then some of them are shed during menstruation. These mini-processes in inappropriate locations are the ones that cause such pain.

6. The child does not sleep well and is too irritated

Often, the small can not say exactly what it is that is bothering you, and the presence in it of any health problem can be diagnosed by signs indirect, for example, irritability. A bad mood from the morning, you can be the first symptom of worms: “worms harmless”, which mostly affect young children.

This responds to the nocturnal activity of the helminths, so that the child does not get enough sleep. It is curious that the itching may appear later. Simply, the child feels uncomfortable and can’t explain it.

7. The throat is swollen more than twice a year

If you frequently suffer from tonsillitis or tonsils, even in the absence of complications obvious, your joints are still subject to an unnecessary workload, since the tonsillitis and sore throat are strep infections and streptococci are also the causative agents of rheumatic fever.

Diseases of the joints is a serious deterioration in the quality of life and is not a problem harmless at all.

We tend to think that the problems with the joints are the target of the elders. But it is not so, such problems may arise even being children. Therefore, doctors remind you: if you are prone to sore throat, often suffer from hypothermia or experience mild discomfort in the joints in the morning, visit to a rheumatologist, to leave no place to a possible inflammatory process.

8. Has significantly changed the tone of the skin (completely or in a specific area)

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and often problems that seem purely cosmetic reveal more serious disorders in the body.

It is advisable to consult a doctor if the skin tone that has appeared is not typical of you. One of the first symptoms of liver problems is a yellowish hue of the skin and a brown pigmentation in the armpits.

The yellow discoloration may point to damage in the tissue or ducts of the liver and change in the color of the armpits to reveal a hemochromatosis (a disorder of iron metabolism and its accumulation in the tissues).

9. A small wound takes long to heal

Doctors always remind us that the freckles, moles and other formations in the skin should be observed on a regular basis and have to consult the specialist if there is a activity or unusual changes in them.

But very few people know that the manifestation of one of the types of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma, there may be a wound that will not heal for a long time. This type of cancer is more common in men than in women, and can be successfully treated in its early stages.

It is considered a “long time” means more than 6 weeks, but the doctors advise to consult them before. Especially dangerous are those wounds in places where it is not noticed right away (ears, scalp), and not always manifest with pain.

10. Dilated pupils with any lighting

The dilated pupils (mydriasis), along with other symptoms, can reveal many diseases: from infectious to neurological and ophthalmic.

If, in addition to dilated pupils, observed other symptoms in an acute stage, whether nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, alteration, or movement disorder, or reduced sensitivity in the limbs, you must notify an ambulance.

If the pupils are the only symptom, it is advisable to go to a neurologist or an eye doctor in the next 3 days. Diseases of the eyes, of those who report the dilated pupils can lead to a worsening of vision and even total loss.

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