10 Secrets of health that we could copy animals

If you have time dreaming of getting in shape, but it turns out that you feel confused with everything related to weightlifting, and the machinery of the gym and looking for more exercises easy, try to solve this problem in an unusual way: watch the animals. Their movements are natural and show a good physical shape. So you simply look at them and repeat!

Great.guru has selected for you a list of exercises that will help any office worker to acquire the flexibility and strength of our ancestors primitive.

1. Stretch your back as a cat

The cat pose (marjaryasana) is one of the asanas more simple and healthy in the world of yoga. You can practice daily at home, even if you’ve never done sports in your life. This exercise also is healthy for even those who suffer from scoliosis. Imitating a cat, you’ll forget the problems with the spine, will make your joints more flexible, strengthen weak muscles and improve the blood circulation of the internal organs.

2. Hold on to high, and climbs like a monkey

Do you remember how in your childhood you loved to climb trees as if you were a monkey? After you grew up and you thought that this hobby was no longer suitable for the adults. Error. Researchers american the University of North Florida have shown that to maintain the balance on a cross-bar and climb trees at least a couple of hours in the day increases the volume of the memory and improves mental abilities. When performing dynamic exercises where you have to think, train not only the muscles, but also our brain. Therefore, in the breaks that you make in the work, become a monkey. Grab on to the branch or cross bar closest to you.

3. He runs like a cheetah

In the animal world, to catch a prey or not to become one, you need to run fast. A cheetah, for example, reaches speeds of 120 miles per hour. In reasonable limits, running is always good and healthy (if a person does not suffer from diseases or contraindications). This is the best remedy for depression, nervous tension, and other “delights” of modern life. Therefore, learn from the animals. If you want to keep your health in its fullness in this crazy world, finds time to run.

4. Jump like an antelope

The antelope is one of the more animal jumpers on the planet. In long, manages to jump up to 10 meters in height, up to 3. We are not saying with this that you will strive to achieve these levels, just to remind you that jump also is certainly healthy. For example, what you can do to the camber. As in the childhood! If at least you spend 5 minutes a day to this simple exercise, you will protect from osteoporosis.

5. Nothing like a fish

Swimming in a swimming pool burns calories and allows the individual to keep their body in good shape: slender and full of energy.

The benefits of swimming for people with some type of disease are enormous. For example, the American Association of Diabetes recommends swimming at least 3 times per week to control the levels of glucose in the blood. And people who suffer from arthritis feel much better after going to the pool.

6. Scale the mountains like a goat

Practice rock-climbing trains not only the muscles, also the brain. Of course, to do so you are obliged to think carefully about each movement. And although you need a certain physical state preliminary to get started in this world, climbing mountains is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spending time connected with mother nature. An interesting fact: during an investigation it was discovered that the climbing is much less traumatic when compared to other sports like football or basketball.

7. Bend like a snake

Cobra pose (bhujangasana) is one of the asanas of classical yoga to have a healthy back. The positive effect of regular practice is difficult to overestimate. Rejuvenates the deep muscles of the abdomen and the back, causes the thyroid gland, the intestines and the kidneys to function better and causes the spine to become less rigid.

However, this exercise has no contraindications such as, for example, a pregnancy or if you suffer serious injuries in the back.

8. It strengthens your muscles by dragging weight as if you were a beetle

Several sessions a week training with weights will benefit anyone, but especially to the boys. Do not allow you to gain weight, or limp muscles, or bones brittle. Studies have recently confirmed that people who regularly “move heavy objects” significantly reduce the risk of stroke.

9. Sleep like a sloth

With this pace of modern life, few people can boast of sleep a day enough. But a lazy, for example, is capable of sleeping for 15 hours a day. It humans need less! With 7 or 8 hours a day will be enough.

Don’t underestimate the dream. If a person does not get enough sleep, your body produces the stress hormone, cortisol, which has a negative impact on memory: the person becomes distracted and has trouble assimilating new information.

10. Rejoice life as a dog

The leaders of the joy in life are dogs. We advise you to learn from them to catch every moment of your day-to-day and enjoy it without worrying deeply about the problems. Walk more often outdoors, meet new people, and smiles. Not in vain recently the scientists came to the conclusion that between dogs there is everything: both optimists and pessimists.

What about you, how you stay in good physical shape?

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