10 Series on Netflix that will play with your mind

Horror, psychology, and suspense are some of the basic features of these series. If you think you have seen the best series, in this list you will find films more interesting platform Netflix that will play with the mind: will complicate your ability to distinguish between reality from fiction and I’ll wrap you in a dark world, without precedent, worthy of marathon.

Are you ready to take laps in your head? It’s In Great.guru will prepare this list!

1. Dark

The story unfolds in Winds, a town in Germany, where everyone lived apparently quiet, until two children go missing. The film responds very well to his name, because in his chapters tell the stories dark and scary, where issues such as disappearances, suicides, and murders are a main factor to understand the outcome.

Dark is not an easy series to understand by their constant changes in time -narrated between 1953 and 2019 – and their unexpected characters, that will put you to weigh and analyze each episode. The series German premiere its second season next year. Are you ready to step into the dark world of Dark?

2. Bates Motel

Bates Motel is an adaptation of one of the best films studied by psychology: Psychosis, 1960. The delivery tells the story of the unhealthy relationship between the submissive son, Norman Bates and his possessive mother, Norma Bates. An event the dark forces you to move to a village to start afresh. The Bates buys a motel, where throughout the chapters occur episodes atypical. Norman discovers that he suffers from a mental illness that becomes dangerous to those around him, to the point of committing crimes without mercy from a personality created by your mind, while you live a common life.

Do you dive into the history of mental illness and psicoterror that surrounds the Motel Bates?

3. The Sinner

The Sinner tells the story of Cora Tannetti, a young woman who, after listening to the melody of a music, murders a man stabbed to death in the middle of a beach without justification. After the episode, Cora doesn’t know why he killed him, and assumed a judicial process in which we will gradually discover a dark past that caused him a partial loss of memory, and a denouement that will bring to light the episode that caused him amnesia psychogenic.

4. Maniac

This is a new series from Netflix, soon to be released the 21 of September of this year, bet to get you to think more than Dark. Maniac develops the story of two people who voluntarily are placed in a clinic for testing experiments, where the mental games I will make it harder to differentiate reality from fiction.

5. Mindhunter

The analysis of the psychology of the most heinous criminals is the point of part of this series. Two officers of the FBI trying to discover a new method to understand the behavior and the mental functioning of the killers by using approaches with them that put them in danger.

6. Black Mirror

The dark side of the technology embraces humanity. A simple story plays with your mind when the wrong practices of this era, where everything is digitized, converted to the human beings dependent on technological devices.

7. The forest

There is a murderer in the village and all are suspicious of everyone. The disappearance, rape and murder of a teenager in the forest of a sleepy town in France unleashed a police investigation to find those responsible. During the inquiries police, two other girls disappear and are in the midst of despair, everyone is wondering: who dwells in the forest?

8. The Returned

The fatal traffic accident of a school bus resulting in the death of a group of children traveling to a trip. Four years after the event, a family’s life stops when her daughter, who had died in that incident, he returns home.

The parents, shocked, they try to keep secret what happened, until they discover that several people in the village came back many years after being believed dead. A story of horror and mystery that will catch the audience.

9. The Innocents

Two teenage lovers flee their houses to live a story together and without the restrictions of their families, but nothing happens as planned, because a world dark and dangerous the clothes when the girl develops supernatural abilities.

10. Hannibal

In order to stop a serial killer, joins a specialist in crimes of the FBI next to a doctor who specializes in psychiatry to understand the mind and behavior of serial killers. A series that develops clues, mysteries, and a myriad of attitudes of criminals that reveals the darker side of the human mind.

Netflix is full of series where the psychology and atypical situations play a fundamental role in them. Come to see the films and get ready for turning the head to discover the truth behind each story.

What is your favorite series? It tell us in the comments!

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