10 Symbols in movies, series and celebrities who surely hadn’t noticed

Each film consists of thousands of small scenes that tie into a single artistic canvas. Therefore, when you view your favorite movies and series you can not only enjoy the representation of the actors and the ideas of the writers, but also to observe the small details that help to feel the atmosphere at 100 percent.

Great.guru found a few details curious of famous movies and share them with you. At the end awaits you a bonus of a series of very successful Internet users have posed your attention.

Back to the future, 1985

In front of the shopping center “Two pine trees” (in English Twin Pines Mall) conducted the first test of the time machine. Then Doc told Marty that 30 years ago in that place there was only one farm with the same name. Later, Marty went back to the year 1955 and brought down one of the trees in front of the farm. At the end of the first part, when Marty runs to warn Doc about the terrorists in 1985, the sign says “Pino solitario”. Therefore, viewers will realize that the present has changed.

Game of thrones, 2010

The statues of wolves, worg adorned the capital of the Stark in Winterfell. We saw in the first chapters of the series, when they show us the entrance to the castle. However, after Winterfell out visited by Bolton, the statues of the wolves, worg appear in the framework decapitated. It is a good example of the attitude careful to the details.

Alien, 1979

To show the scale of the objects, aliens, in one of the scenes from “Alien” director Ridley Scott put on the costumes of their children. Such a movement is difficult to recognize, because we do not see the faces of the actors. However, the photographic evidence of this fact was preserved.

Miracles, unexpected, 1999

Stephen King often gives to the characters of their books the names of people that he knows. In the case of “Miracles unexpected” used the name of a professor of the history of the university in which he studied. And in addition, the initials of J. c. (John Coffey) correspond to the initials of jesus Christ. To pay attention to this fact, the creators of the film added frames similar to this.

Sid and Nancy, 1986

In the famous biographical film, a brilliant Gary Oldman playing Sid Vicious wears a suit fabulous. Leather jacket with rivets, glasses, strings and a t-shirt with a sickle and a hammer. There arises a logical question: what has been Sid Vicious, a socialist? The answer is no. In reality, the role of a sign scandalous it was… a swastika. But the creators of the film, to not have problems with the distribution, replaced by a sickle and a hammer.

The Lord of the Rings: the fellowship of the Ring, 2001

The candles to the side from which Gandalf reads the rolls are melt, which shows the viewer how much time the mage went looking for the necessary information. Perhaps, for some it will seem a small thing, but from these small details creates an effect on the film.

Almighty, 2004

In the US, telephone companies were given special numbers between 555-0100 and 555-0199 for use in movies and series. This was done for the safety of the citizens of the calls from crazy fans. But in the comedy of “the Almighty” was shown to a real number and its owner sued the film company, because they began to annoy with questions about God. Finally, the company apologized and the number was replaced by a fake one.

Star Wars: episode III. The revenge of the Sith, 2005

When the Sith use your method to save the life of Darth Vader, we see an operating room, which seems by its form the emblem of the Galactic Empire.

Dexter, 2011

In the sixth chapter of the sixth season of the popular series “Dexter”, the attentive viewers could notice an interesting link with one of the famous paintings in the history of american culture. It is the famous “Gothic America” Grant Wood, which by the way is quoted in the movies very often.

Django without chains, 2013

In the movie western “Django without chains”, Quentin Tarantino “encrypted” box, “The Young blue ‘ by Thomas Gainsborough. Why is this box? The young man in he is dressed in a suit, aristocrat and, as Django, it does not match with his social status. If you have doubts, keep in mind that the box takes 90 years to be exposed around Los Angeles.

Bonus. “Game of Thrones”. The elegant answer to all the lovers of the theories

Despite the fact that the sixth season of “Game of Thrones” finally put all the dots on the “I’s” in relation to the origin of John Snow, the creators emphasized how important it was to the education for John and Stark. In one of the frames of the seventh season, we see a scene with the participation of John and Pinky, which is a repetition of precise, a scene from the first season. Only that, instead of John is Ned Stark.

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