10 Situations in which a girl and a mature woman behave differently

Maturity is love of life without viewing it in color of roses. It’s not about the age, but of the inner feelings. A mature woman knows her worth and the worth of others. She lives in harmony with itself, it is not scattered and does not try to look like someone else.

In the life of every girl there will come a time that she change. In Great.guru decided to show the actions of women who can say with confidence what we must do to not suffer for nothing.

1. Underrate the assessments of others

You used to worry what people thought of you. You now know exactly what clothing will be appropriate. When would be best to speak and when to keep quiet. When you show flexibility when, on the contrary, put a stop to the interlocutor. Most of your actions are correct and beneficial for you. And no matter what others think.

2. Not to be aware of what makes your ex

Before you could control your page and find out who was leaving. You wanted to improve only for him to see thee and to give account of who had lost. Now you have your own life and it’s so interesting that you don’t mind your ex.

3. Stop blindly following the trends

Previously studied fashion trends and spent a lot of money on actual things of the season, piling up clothes that aren’t going to use ever. Now you buy just what you is well and you like. And if this short dress with sequins, which is very fashionable, makes you appear something you are not, not even you will look in your direction.

4. Loving your body

You used to think that loving your body was to accept him as he was. Fat or thin, athletic or flabby. I want it as it is! Now you realize that loving your body is to take care of. Eat well, work hard physically to keep the tone and not empacharte with French fries, cakes, cigarettes and alcohol.

5. To ignore the social stereotypes

Previously you thought that not having an iPhone meant to be poor. And if you didn’t marry before 25 something was wrong with you. Now you care about your own comfort and satisfaction with your life. You have enough money for everything we want and motivation for further development. Of course about a woman so stable there are men intelligent.

6. Once leave the man nasty

Previously thought that you could change a person. Now you go out with him if you feel his indifference.

7. End toxic relations

Previously tolerabas to friends, annoying that you used it as a cloth of tears and never followed your advice. Now they’re saying directly that they stop whining, they recover and start to work on your problem and not make you lose time.

8. Apologize easily

Before you were stubborn, you didn’t want to make up right away and not always you were sure that you were right. You now understand that if you are guilty or not. If so, it doesn’t cost you to say “sorry” and do something good. If not, you’ll never humble yourself before anyone.

9. Maintain self-control

Previously explotabas if you are mad. Now I never can afford to which may provoke an assault, because you realize that the aggression almost always turns against you.

10. Know what you want

If you wake up in full the middle of the night and ask you to name 3 things in your life, you can name them easily. It can be anything. From an order in an online store, until the building of a deck for your home.

And what has changed in your life when you felt mature?

Illustrator Ekaterina Gapanovich for Great.guru

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