10 beauty Trends on Instagram that only the people most crazy would in real life

Instagram is truly a store of recipes for those who want to look more attractive. And who set the path to follow are, of course, the popular bloggers of beauty. Generate ideas tirelessly on how to make a makeup or a hairdo are spectacular and impressive. But sometimes you are immersed in a zone of creativity so impenetrable that up to scare. Most of the ideas that arise then are impressive and simply hard to believe.

Great.guru has gathered for you the beauty trends of Instagram that it does not stop to surprise the world.

1. Eyebrows — heels

Calm, this makeup is not real. But, apparently, only for the moment, because the beauty trends on Instagram is expanding at the speed of lightning. In the account of fashion Skyzeditz (by the way, it was here where was born another trend amazing: eyebrows — tails of fish), appeared a picture extravagant make-up with a shoe painted in place of an eyebrow. It turned out that it had all been created digitally. And for those who liked the idea, Skyzeditz climbed a small video clip about the birth of this masterpiece.

2. Nail — corkscrew

The nails neat common are a thing of the past century, say the fashionistas of Instagram. Now, your manicure can turn into a corkscrew. How do the teachers in the service of the nails, you can see here. If you think about it, is quite comfortable: with a design as well, you can open a delicious bottle of wine at any time.

3. Eyebrow — nimbus

One day, a young blogger beauty of the United Kingdom spoke on the phone with a friend. The girls wanted to invent new trends in the makeup, and then decided to connect the outer tips of his eyebrows, and thus to give life to the eyebrow-nimbus.

4. Crowns on the eyelids

What girl does not dream to be a princess? Now, each girl can have a crown, and not just one, but two. Simply apply the correct pattern to the eyelids and to decorate it with rhinestones.

5. Braids as a corset

The idea of this type of braids is not new, but now, apparently, this hairstyle returned to the charge. At first glance, the braids with ribbons of the corset are rare and strange. However, it is worth recognizing that there is in this idea a certain degree of tenderness and lightness female that is attractive.

6. Tabs ombré

Not only can color ombré hair and nails. It turns out that the eyelashes are also painted this way. But, in order for the effect to be noticeable, you must use extensions. This type of makeup is only suitable for a theme party, of course.

7. Hair pictures

The stylist of a salon australian shed his creativity on the blond hair of a client and established a new fashion of dye plaid. And you’re not going to believe that inspired her to take that step. “I went shopping and I was looking for a kilt perfect for a long time”, said the stylist, “I thought that if not met, would have to pourtray even his young bride in the head of someone.” Thus is born the beauty trends.

8. Eyebrows of spring

Call the spring in a manner so unusual for the first time it occurred to the blogger Taylor R. The idea of eyebrows green with flowers and playful appealed to the fashionistas, and began to spread in Instagram your photos with the hashtag #gardeneyebrows.

9. Hair geódico

Mix tincture of purple, glitter, and you will already have a hair “beautiful” like a geode.

10. Eyebrows “iron”

The imagination of the stylists who work with eyebrows and knows no borders. Perhaps, the most fascinating, dangerous and insane is the paste tacks and other metal parts in that area. The inventor of this striking makeup is a hair stylist from Serbia. Would you dare to experiment with a look as well?

Which of these ideas you agree to to prove yourself?

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