10 christmas Traditions from Queen Elizabeth II that might be useful to many of us

Approaching the christmas holidays and New Year and it is then when shaken some of the eternal questions that invade half the world: where do we celebrate it? what we cook? and how do we make sure that not be boring?

Great.guru tells you today how are 10 traditions that continue in the House of Windsor on Christmas. Perhaps these customs real inspire you and help you to make this holiday a memorable one.

10. Prepare everything in advance

If you have not begun with the preparations, has come since that time. Queen Elizabeth II, for example, begins to address some of the issues related with the Christmas in the summer. Their duties include, for example, the shipment of approximately 750 cards greeting of New Year to family, friends, and partners. To avoid that you escape something, Your Majesty begins to deal with this task during the summer holidays of each year.

9. Send postcards written personally

You always think: why need so long to prepare the letters of congratulations. The issue is that there are e-mails to which we have become accustomed to with the advent of the Internet, but postcards written of fist and lyrics by the Queen, who began to send being a princess and continues to do for 70 years. Considering that it is a tradition very dear, this would be a routine good to adopt, which to many of us, it does lack that special magic that they have always had the hand-written letters.

8. To congratulate not only the people close

On Christmas eve, the Queen sends to the people who work for she gifts small but very cute. Continuing with the tradition started by his father, she gives your employees (which are more than 1,500 people) pudding christmas , and anything additional without any pretensions. For example, last year turned out to be a cup. The tradition of the Queen of gift giving not only to the people nearby it is widely supported by their countrymen. For example, the animals of the London zoo receive Christmas gifts on a fairly regular basis.

7. Celebrate it out of town

It is a great idea for those who have a house field, friends with a summer residence or for those with the opportunity to rent a villa. Since 1988, the royal family celebrates Christmas, and other holidays of this time in Sandringham House. There, in an ordinary train (although in a car rented for the full), she goes to the Queen and the 24th of December, the rest of the Windsor. Of all the castles which holds the royal family, Sandringham House is the smallest, and often their guests have to be installed in the rooms of the staff.

6. Invite only family members

If you are concerned about the topic of food, where to place, and pay attention to 40 guests, try this year to act as the Queen: invite only those closest to you. The right to celebrate the most important festival of the year I need to have only the immediate family of Elizabeth II and their spouses legal. In total, in the christmas table, about 30 people accompany the host. By the way, in the image we see the copies of the wax of members of the royal family, dresses, with funny sweaters, in a project beneficial to help children.

5. To prepare the same dishes

What can we cook that is delicious? This is the question that thousands of people every year in the world. Although members of the royal family do not usually spend the afternoon in the kitchen, this issue is already resolved since a long time ago. As told by a former chef of the queen, at the Christmas dinner is served traditionally salad of shrimp or lobsters, and peacock in the oven with a garnish of vegetables. After dinner, at tea time, guests can enjoy a pudding with butter brandy.

4. Decorate the christmas tree together

The main decoration of the Christmas tree is carried out by the staff working in the castle. But the finishing touches add the young members of the royal family. On christmas Eve, after meeting all the guests, was celebrated on the feast of tea, then the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the Queen end up the decoration of the Christmas tree. After that, comes the time to unpack the gifts. It should be noted that Sandringham House has a decoration of Christmas, to say the least, modest, which can not be said about the Windsor Castle (in the picture) or the Buckingham Palace.

3. Gifts simple, but fun

The main requirement for the present that tend to indulge in the royal family for Christmas is its low cost and the positive emotions that they cause. At the time, princess Diana jumped this custom, and gave princess Anne an expensive cashmere sweater, getting her to change a toilet paper roll holder. Prince Harry once gave his grandmother a shower cap with the following inscription: “This is no life, bitch” and Kate Middleton gave her husband a woman of rubber that grows in the water.

2. Outdoor play

Every year, on christmas Eve, the employees and guests of Sandringham House to play soccer with the inhabitants of the neighbouring towns. The role of the captains of the teams traditionally take the princes Harry and William. Passions sometimes are fired. So, a few years ago, Prince William was warned by the referee for swearing at his brother, after scoring this goal. An alternative to a football field can also be an ice rink, the beach if the weather is good where you live, or the forest.

1. Do any exceptions to the rule

The traditions should not be a burden and if for any reason any of them not going well is to follow it, we should make an exception. After all, even Queen Elizabeth II are sometimes departs from the strict rules for members of your family to feel comfortable. For example, this year, for the wedding of prince Harry (though he still is not his legal wife) are planning to make an exception to the object that Meghan celebrate Christmas in the circle of his future royal family.

And what traditions are followed in your family?

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