10 Tricks our body that probably no one had told before

Our body is a machine, incredibly complex, resulting in sometimes difficult to control. It seems that many things happen for themselves, com,or for example, a hypo-or several sneezing. Right?

Great.guru compiled various ways to “train” your body to avoid embarrassing situations and even unpleasant. And for those who want to meet with the White Rabbit in Wonderland, we have prepared a special bonus at the end of the article.

10. Don’t you want to sneeze? Pinch the skin at the top of the nose.

These irritating the skin of the nose, the brain receives a signal of alarm, and slows down other processes, including the reflex to sneeze. If, on the contrary, you have the urge to sneeze, but don’t go out, look at the bright lights.

If these tips don’t work for you, try thinking of what is best. The woman who entered the Guinness Book of world Records sneezed during 976 consecutive days.

9. To hear better, cover up the ears

If you’re at the concert of your favorite band, but you can’t hear what you’re saying to your friend, press the tragus of the ear and acércala to your friend. This trick is used by musicians when from the outside it looks as if they were adjusting the headset.

8. Sucks thumb if you are concerned

Has its sense: this action stimulates the vagus nerve, which slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure.

If anxiety has you trapped in a public place, tightening the fingers by closing the fist, lift the thumb and, simply, blows on it.

7. To get rid of hiccups, place a piece of ice on the tongue

Each one has their own trick to fight the hypo: grab the tip of the tongue, apply a piece of ice on the same, or swallow a sugar cube. Is also cover your ears with your hands and drink from a pull a glass of water through a straw. Or well, lean over the sink and drink a glass of water.

If the hiccups do not go away, you’ll be able to try the fate of a man who had hiccups for 68 consecutive years, but that does not deprive them of getting married and having 8 children.

6. Does it hurt the right side after running? Inhale stepping on the left foot.

The same applies if you have pain in the left side: simply inhale stepping the right foot. You should also apply a light massage on the side in pain.

While you run, the blood reaches the muscles that are working. Without a good warm-up, the blood is distributed poorly and accumulates in the liver or in the spleen. These bodies are those that oppress the diaphragm.

5. Hold your breath to wake up faster

As a result, the heart rate is accelerated and the body receives the signal to quickly enter “active mode”.

But don’t abuse of this trick. A rude awakening is a serious stress to your heart. For example, men are not encouraged to do physical exercise until, minimum, 2 hours after waking up.

4. Are you in a bad mood? About a pencil in your mouth.

A trick quite simple: while holding a pencil between your teeth, working the same muscles are used to smile. The impulses are transmitted by the terminations of the nerves to the brain and this will reward you with a smile in his usual way: activates the production of endorphins.

3. Active the supermermoria with the help of rosemary

If you need to memorize something, the best way is to use the hidden potential of your memory. Learns of night, lying in bed, and perceiving the smell of rosemary. This simple trick will help you memorize faster and more reliable way to any new information.

2. If you’ve been numb a leg, moves from side to side the head

Do you remember that unpleasant feeling when you sleep a hand or a leg? We have to wait and endure until the said tingling. If the next time you just move the head from one side to the other, thanks to the relaxation of the muscles of the neck, the uncomfortable sensations in a limb will be in a matter of a minute.

1. Fool the lie detector pellizcándote the nose

If you’re nervous and your heart beats too fast, you can try pellizcándote the tip of the nose, and then cover it with your fingers. Now, close your mouth and try to exhale it. You will feel how it changes the pressure in the ears.

If you have heart problems, do not use this technique without first consulting a doctor.

Bonus. How to trick the mind and see the world as if you find yourself in a parallel universe?

  • Put the radio and adjusts the frequency so that you hear the hiss of “white noise”.
  • Cut a table tennis ball into 2 parts and, with the help of adhesive tape, fíjalas on your eyes.
  • Now you have to lie down next to the radio and relax. After spending 10 or 20 minutes, you will feel in your mind the effect of ganzfeld.

The brain begins to interpret the sound and light visible in a new way, creating unusual sensations and even hallucinations mild. This phenomenon is atypical about the perception of the reality is known for a long time, but only in the TWENTIETH century it began to be studied seriously by scientists.

Alena Sofronova for Great.guru

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