10 Uses of unexpected everyday items that one day could save your life (Spoiler alert: the condoms turn out to be even more useful than we thought)

Do you ever get lost during a hike, or you have gone too far in a safari? There could be many more situations in which you find yourself struggling to survive. Do you give up or try to find a way out? Sometimes, even the most mundane things can be the solution you’re looking for. You can even have more than 6 items in the list below in your home, and you may not know how to use them in a different way.

You may be surprised, as he did Great.guru, but the following things can be much more valuable than what you thought in situations and conditions for survival.

1. Credit card

There are few things that money can’t buy, and a credit card is never a waste. But there are situations in which it is not about how much you can buy with them. Even in a desert place without atm, still are useful as the perfect tool for a bee sting or to take out a thorn.

Scraped up the side of the stinger to remove it with the help of the credit card.

2. Cans of tuna

A can of tuna not only has a delicious tuna inside to satisfy your appetite, but it also has enough oil to burn a candle for 2 to 3 hours. All you have to do is make a small hole in the top of the can, then, insert a wick of cotton made quickly and let that absorb a bit of oil until it reaches the top of the wick.

Once this is done, turn it on. Should stay lit for 2 to 3 hours. And if the idea worries you, let tell you that the tuna is not damaged by doing this.

3. Lip balm

Can a lip balm, or a candle? We say both. It is said that a lit candle in a room not only gives light, but also heat sufficient to cause the temperature to be a little more high in some degrees. This can be crucial in emergency situations.

A lip balm is usually a must in the handbag of any girl. When you need to, you can turn it on like a sail by tying a piece of cloth at the top where the balm will act as a fuel. It is possible that you may have to roll up around the stick to avoid fire. This candle instant of lip balm can smolder for up to 2 hours.

4. Super glue

The super glue can be useful in emergency situations. If there is a minor cut that is open or bleeding, all you have to do is apply a thin line of super glue as a first aid measure. This will close the wound and prevent infection. Any bleeding will also cease with this method.

However, you must take precautions and use the super glue sparingly. First because it can cause a burning sensation and itching if it gets into the wound. And in the second place, you do not want to complicate even more the wound, letting the glue between the deeper layers of the skin.

5. Cup of a bra

There are many emergency situations in which we engage and that we can leave without an immediate help. However, each time there is a condition in which breathing is difficult, due to particles, dust or fumes, we have an easy solution. The bra cups can be used with success to cover your face and avoid drowning.

Experts believe that this can help to prevent toxic particles from entering your respiratory system, because the cups of the bra covering perfectly the mouth and the nose. While the straps can be tie around your ears to make it into a mask hands-free.

6. Vinegar

We’ve all heard about the qualities of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of vinegar, making it an obvious choice for the treatment of wounds during emergencies. The vinegar can be used to burn small, inflammations, and minor infections. Not only is a remedy, but it can also be used as a sanitizing agent, as it cleans perfectly and removes all the bad smells.

The vinegar also has therapeutic qualities. When mixed with water and ingested, it can relieve the upset stomach, stomach pain and heartburn.

7. Condoms

Condoms are considered essential, but for a single reason, until the moment and have been underestimated in a large extent up to now. Let us introduce you to the many ways in which something as small as a condom can save your life. When needed, you can store up to a gallon of water in a condom during emergency situations.

Are flexible, but durable, so it can stretch easily and hold water when there is no means to transport it from one place to another. They also serve a purpose equally opposite. Condoms can be used to keep things dry.

You can cover anything with a condom like a plastic bag normal and even acts as a barrier against moisture.

8. Lace-up shoes

The laces of the shoes are multi-functional and, at times, can save you from difficult situations. Its most popular use is as a rope to tie between 2 trees or pillars. Any piece of cloth or plastic can be hung on it to make a temporary shelter. It can also function as a fishing-line, if you are tied to a hook sharp.

You can even start a fire using the powerful laces of the shoes. Can be done using the method of drill arc. The laces should be tied to the drill in such a way that when move forward and backward, to generate hot swarf and fire the fire. Now you know why the hikers and explorers of adventures always wear shoes with laces.

9. Socks

Let’s start by counting the uses of the socks: they give us warmth and keep us comfortable. What else? The socks act as a savior in difficult situations. Can be used to collect and filter water for survival conditions.

It is possible that the water does not purify, but at least you can eliminate the impurities that are visible and perhaps also some living organisms tiny. Not only that, you can also use the lint from your socks to help to light the fire. Or use them on your hands when you have a cold. Or use them in their hands when they get cold.

10. Glasses

If they have made fun of you for wearing glasses, it’s time to stop feeling resentment for the defect in your eyes. The glasses that are responsible for that call you 4 eyes can save you from problems when necessary.

The first and most important is that you can start a fire using glasses of the same way that a magnifying glass does so by using the rays of the sun. All you have to do is collect a bit of kindling and placed a minimum distance of 30 centimeters Now, tilt the glasses so that the light from the sun is concentrated on a small point. Gently blowing on the tinder until it ignites and the flame is stable.

Another use of the glasses: you can reflect the sun through them to create a distress signal. The glasses also can be dismounted and bent to make hooks and tools.

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Illustrators Ekaterina Gapanovich and Alena Tsarkova for Great.guru

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