10 Videos Scary uploaded to Youtube that cause fear in any person that see

The Youtube platform is one of the world’s most used for watching videos of all kinds, whether of music, of children or of animals. For this reason, it is common that many of the videos are made popular and are viralicen. Today we focus in the videos of this platform that give a lot of fear and are quite strange and have viralizado in the last few years.

Do you dare to see them?

1 – Strangers in the house

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Actor Joe Cummings captured in this video what appears to be a beggar who lived in his house without him knowing it. Joe insisted that it is not a joke and it actually occurred because many said that it was an advertising strategy. Can you imagine someone living in your home without realizing it?

2 – appearances can be deceiving

[embedded content]

This video shows us that appearances can be deceiving, so you need to be aware of what surrounds us. Remember, do not touch anything that appears to hair because we do not know what is hidden behind it.

3 – Ad is nothing palatable

[embedded content]

Although you may not believe it is an advertisement of a food, implying that it should be palatable but it is not, it is exactly the opposite. What were they thinking?

4 – Lost

[embedded content]

This man was recorded while I was lost in the catacombs of Paris. We can see like running because you think that it will chase… do You atreverás down after watching the video?

5 – The Walrus

[embedded content]

This clip became viral a few years ago because it was thought that he belonged to a cult called The Walrus. However, it was later discovered that it was a documentary called The Goddess Bunny.

6 – Latest images

[embedded content]

In January 2013, a student from Canada disappeared. These images are the last that can be seen to the young. Three weeks later his body was found naked and lifeless on the rooftop.

7 – The worst tutorial of makeup

[embedded content]

This video was the centerpiece of the questions for a long time because no one knew if it was real or not. Time after it was discovered that the girl was fine and that it was all part of a promotional video of a web.

8 – The coffin

[embedded content]

This video shows how a man keeps in his garden the lifeless body in a casket to his grandmother.

9 – Lurking

[embedded content]

The Croatian authorities brought to light this video after two children disappeared. Would it be a movie or real were being stalked?

10 – Ads satanic

[embedded content]

This announcement of japanese origin does not make much sense but much less so when it becomes a series of clips satanic and strange.

Have you ever seen something like that?

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