11 Attractions that were invented by people with a sense of humor very peculiar

The top attractions invented by man have also come down to our days. Are the swing and the slide, which can be found in each playground. The great-grandfather of the roller coaster appeared to the mid-EIGHTEENTH century: it was an ice slide, very popular in winter in Russia. Later, they began to manufacture them of wood for us to enjoy in the summer too. Behind them, were gaining popularity carousels with horses and the wheel of fortune.

Little by little, it changed the principle of the motion of the attractions: from the use of animal traction until the steam locomotive. By the way, in Melbourne, until today, it works one of the first wooden roller coasters: from 1912 without any rebuilding!

With the passage of time, the love of the attractions has not disappeared, and today the parks of leisure and entertainment continue to impress its visitors, competing to build the mountain more fast, original and producing more vertigo and fear at the same time. Not in vain, this not always goes well, so that ‘s Great.guru decided to share with you those cases in which the desire to amuse the people it was too far away.

In the snow park made a small hole round on the ice. But the children can’t leave him on his own account. So it became a atrapaniños

Catapult human

It looks very fun

For all those that felt the toy in the machine with claws

A tunnel with bees. It seems like fun!

An unusual attraction of the australian

The attraction of “A ride in the bucket”. By the way, in this amusement park attractions all constructed with tractors

An aquatic attraction for tourists

A tunnel “snake stone” for children

Attraction “Plays the bear”

How I imagine that would happen I is test

…And how it would happen in reality

What about you have you ever participated in an unusual attraction? Please share your stories in the comments!

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