11 Things that are very common that you can get in trouble in other countries

Some of the things you do every day can be completely banned in other countries, so it is very important that before you travel you explore the rules and the culture of the country where you are going to go.

In Great.guru made a list of common things that can take you to prison in some countries. Stay on top of them all, some are really crazy.

11. Chewing gum

The streets of Singapore are incredibly clean and the amount of laws related to this point helps a lot. They have huge fines for littering, spitting and smoking in public areas. And the sale of chewing gum in the country is totally prohibited: you may get a fine for trying to import it. Only certain gum, which are allowed for medical purposes, can be found in pharmacies.

10. Wearing inappropriate clothing

In many muslim countries, so as not to attract the attention of so unwelcome in public places, you should dress modestly, especially if you are a woman. Clothing must cover the upper part of the arms and legs, the clothing should be loose and the underwear must not be visible. Iran and Saudi Arabia require women to fully cover the arms and legs and use handkerchief to cover the head. In Iran, if you do not follow the dress code, the maximum penalty will be a request to make it correct. But in Saudi Arabia, you can end up in jail for this same reason.

9. Stopping in the highway

You are not allowed to remain without fuel on the motorway in Germany, a highway system controlled by the government. You can’t stop there for any other reason either. Walking there is also strictly prohibited for your own safety. All of these actions will cost you a hefty fine, because you put yourself in danger to yourself and other drivers.

8. Cut a cactus

Some native plants of Arizona, USA., they are protected by state law. If you cut them, this action is considered a theft and can send you to prison for several years. The theft of cactus is quite common, and these plants will take a bit of time to re-grow, so these measures are necessary to protect the flora of the hands, destructive.

7. Jogging

Running or jogging in groups was banned in the country of Burundi, in East Africa, with the argument that people use the activity as an excuse to organise “uprisings” and to cover subversive activities. You can run alone, but 2 people are already a group. Some go to prison for that.

6. Living together before marriage

The United Arab Emirates have a very strict law to prevent people to live together before marriage. If they do, the police can come to your home and put them in jail. And without a marriage certificate, you can not stay in a hotel room with your partner.

5. Celebrate Valentine’s day

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have banned their inhabitants to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it is not a muslim tradition , and focuses on the love that is not directed toward God. The Valentine’s day cards, any type of advertising and memes of the Internet are strictly prohibited in these countries and are punishable with prison. Also there were demonstrations against the celebration of Valentine’s Day in 4 cities of Indonesia.

4. Demonstrations of affection in public

Kissing in public can get you in trouble if you find yourself in Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Pakistan, or Oman. In these places, it is considered a socially unacceptable behavior and is punished with fines and imprisonment. You should also avoid this type of display of affection in India, Indonesia and Thailand.

3. Eating in public

During the holy month of Ramadan, muslims are not allowed to eat or drink anything during the day. In the United Arab Emirates, a person who eats or drinks in public during the day in Ramadaan or inciting such acts in public spaces, you can face imprisonment or a fine, even if it is not muslim.

2. Insulting the king

Avoid speaking disrespectfully about the royal family when you’re in Thailand. There the king is worshipped in a way that western tourists can hardly understand. The definition of insult is not very clear, so that even dropping, or stepping on money with the image of the King can send you to prison.

1. Drinking alcohol

Alcohol is against the sacred principles of Islam, so before you go to any muslim country, you should review the laws of that country. In Saudi Arabia it is forbidden. The review of the baggage at the airport is very strict so that no one can enter alcohol into the country. It is also impossible to buy it anywhere. If they catch you drinking, you will face a sentence in jail.

There are also restrictions are quite severe compared to the consumption of alcohol in Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Libya, Bangladesh, Sudan, Yemen, the Maldives and some parts of India.

Have you been in any country in this list? Does your behavior there was decent? Or maybe you know some other laws and restrictions interesting? Please share your experience with us in the comments!

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