11 Things that can be pasándote, and respond to issues inherited genetic

Our height, weight, color of eyes and hair we have inherited from our parents. Some, of their grandparents. But there are many other peculiarities not so obvious, but also significant, that are also hereditary.

Great.guru found out, in this sense, what we have to thank our parents or, on the contrary, reprochárselo.

11. The dental health depends on more than the genetic of your care

If you over brush carefully the teeth two times a day, but despite this you have cavities, don’t blame yourself. Perhaps, it is a matter of genetics. At least, as confirmed by various scientists in their research. Maybe you’ve been lucky in other areas and you got from your parents, for example, a nose beautiful or a slender figure.

10. The health of the child depends more upon the father than the mother

We’re used to hearing that the health of the child, in great measure, depends on that of the mother. However, scientists from the university of South Carolina came to the conclusion that we have more of our father than the mother. And a bad gene that is inherited from it will not show as much as the same gene obtained from the parental figure.

9. The child inherits intelligence from his mother

From childhood, we are told that a child must be intelligent and the girl, beautiful. And if in a family a child has cognitive skills high, often, all without hesitation will ensure: “What has he inherited from his father.” The latest research scientific point to the opposite: a significant part of the childhood intelligence depends on the X-chromosome, women have two of these chromosomes. Therefore, these transmit two times more of these characteristics associated with intelligence.

8. Migraine is inherited. The bad weather does not affect both

The legacy of the parents sometimes do not bring only what is good. For example, there are suspicions that even the migraine is inherited. And there are cases in which, from severe headaches, suffer and entire families.

7. The need to sleep a lot or a little depends on the genes

The ability to sleep a few hours is usually associated with a great force of will. And those who like to sleep for a long time are referred to as owls or lazy. But, in reality, it is all due to the gene DEC2. It was discovered by scientists from the University of California. Those who have are able to sleep less than others and, at the same time, feel good about yourself.

6. Sportsmen innate

The victories of the athletes are results of your hard and persistent work. But it turns out that there are gene – specific, namely the ACE and ACTN3, responsible for the resistance and the strength. And we inherit from our parents. However, if your child does not have these genes, this does not mean that you must put an end to his sports career. Simply, those who possess them have an additional advantage to achieve high results.

5. The ability to make decisions fast is in the genes

The ability to make decisions quickly is another feature that is inherited, but not inherited by all. That is the conclusion reached by researchers from the Institute for Human Development Max Planck institute in Berlin. It turns out that due to the variation of the enzyme COMT — Val, people are able to solve various problems of a more rapid and flexible.

4. There is a genetic predisposition to depression

We are not dealing with skepticism to the people who occasionally suffer from depression. Perhaps, the weakness of his character is not the cause. Researchers at the Institute of field of Human Genomics in Miami (the USA) claim that the fault lies in a defect in the DNA and genetics.

3. The syndrome of sneezing is hereditary

If for a long time you realize that you have the habit of sneezing looking at a strong light or the sun, you should know that this is what you have inherited from one of your closest family members. As a general rule, if one of the parents has this peculiarity, then, in a 50 per cent of the cases, the child also inherits.

2. Parents hopeful, kids, optimistic

The cheerful character and positive attitude to life is also inherited from the parents. Scientists from the University of Essex showed that people with a long version of the 5-HTT gene more often focus on the positive aspects of life and are found to be less depressed.

1. The ability to write with the left hand also comes in the genes

It is surprising, but being left-handed or right-handed depends on the influence exerted by the gene LRRTM1. Modifies the asymmetry in the human brain. So that must not be perceived to be left-handed as alleged black sheep. There is not any guilt. Everything is the result of genetics.

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