11 Skills that will help you react quickly and correctly to a hazardous situation

Man forewarned is worth two. Of course, we don’t want to get into situations that put in danger our life and we want to pass long before us. But yet, know techniques to save lives is the least we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. However, there are situations in which we can help a person completely unknown.

Great.guru compiled for you effective ways to provide urgent support or survival skills. Let’s hope you never have to use them!

1. What to do if you’re atragantando?

If you’re atragantando, first of all stay calm. Starts to cough so strong. If this does not help, it squeezes the hand, and with your fist hits the area located between the navel and the end of the ribs, making a motion for a figurative shape of a J up and down. If this does not work, lean on a chair or any object to the height of the waist and, holding your hands in front of you, pressed hard against the object. Repeat until the object that is obstructing your throat.

Second variant

Quickly lie down on the knees and elbows, empújate with the hands forward and drops the stomach and chest against the floor. It is painful, but it can save your life.

2. How to determine the time according to the sun?

If you need to know the time and your clock is broken and the phone has been downloaded, you can do it with this method:

  • Find a place where you can clearly see the sun and the horizon.
  • Bend your palms as shown in the picture and try to keep them in one place without moving.
  • Counts the number of fingers of the sun to the horizon line. Each finger is 15 minutes before sunset. Multiply the number of fingers 15, and you’ll know what time it is, although it is not accurate to 100 percent.

3. How to recognize approaching a strong storm?

If you suspect that soon will come a storm, pay attention to the following signs:

  • The clouds are low.
  • The clouds are not flat, they are cumulus fluffy.
  • They have a dark, even brown. If you are black, there will be heavy rains without wind, if you are brown, with strong wind.

If the clouds are scattered, it indicates that there will be no rain.

4. What to do if they fail the brakes of the car?

If the brakes don’t work, don’t panic: if you’re not going alone, he asks the passengers to buckle up, turn on the emergency lights and warn other drivers by using signal lights or with a beep.

  • You then press the brake pedal with force and on several occasions. This creates pressure in the braking system. Then, slowly lower the transmission. If you have trasnmisión manual, tap the clutch pedal. If your transmission is automatic, then places the knob of speed at the position L.
  • Used with care the hand brake. If you activate abruptly, the car can skid.
  • You try to spin it to the left and to the right, maneuvering between row and row.

5. What to do if you are pursuing?

If you’ve suspected that someone is chasing you, before anything else make sure of this. Remember how it looks, abruptly changes the path and see if you still have it behind you. If the suspicion is justified, then in any case you go to places where there are no people. Go to a coffee shop. You can pretend as if you find a friend or you’re on your way to an office of the police president.

6. How to reduce the possibility of wandering through the forest?

If you suspect that you started to walk in circles through the forest, comes to pass on the side of the large trees. If you are right handed, on the left side. If you’re left-handed, on the right side. Such a method should stop your walk in a circle.

7. What to do in the first few seconds of a heart attack?

If you suspect an attack at the heart to you or to someone around you, call immediately to the ambulance, but before its arrival, try to calm down. Question to the emergency operator what drugs you can give. Until you take it, you will have to begin to breathe deeply and to cough strongly. A deep breath saturates the lungs with oxygen, and the coughing stimulates the pectoralis muscle, helping to restore the heart rhythm, hold on until help arrives.

8. How to make a fire in an unusual way?

It may happen that you have no means to ignite a fire. In this case, a condom and sunlight can help you. Poured water on the rubber product, tie it and use it as if it were a magnifying glass, refracting the light on a heap of dry grass or paper. A little patience and you’ll be able to get fire.

9. How to protect yourself during the hiking?

No one is safe from unforeseen circumstances. If you plan to go trekking, you have to tell them necessarily to your relatives where you are going, when you will return and in what places you will pass. Will be perfect to leave the plan of your excursion to a specially trained person who knows in detail the place to where you’re going to direct it.

10. Where to hide during an earthquake?

On the contrary to popular belief, one should not take shelter under the frame of the door. It is better to hide under a table or near objects solid. Make sure you do not fall into your address. Lie down on your side and adopts the fetal position.

11. How to get out of a crowd?

If it has happened, that you’re alone in the middle of a crowd uncontrollable people, do not go in the opposite direction. The only thing you need to do is move quietly towards the direction to where you are going with that crowd, changing position to the side, towards the shore. The most important thing is to do it carefully, without blocking the road to the other. Otherwise you can push or pull. If you are not alone, burden the child on your neck and leads to the woman in front of you, to have the opportunity to control your movement. And the same way move in diagonal.

Bonus: dangerous places for bites on the human body

Let us hope that the dangerous situations are the least frequent possible, but it is better to be prepared ahead of time. Surely you know some effective ways of survival. Share them with us in the comments, maybe your advice can save someone’s life.

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