11 Legends famous that they have a rational explanation

We are sure that many of you still believe in unicorns. It is beautiful to imagine that, after all, do exist somewhere, just that still we have not found them. But even the myth about this being so magic has an explanation prosaic and even a bit frightening.

And if you think that ‘s Great.guru is too eséptico and no longer believes in the magic, it at the end of the article, I expected a real miracle!

The Great Flood

Scientists believe that the origin of the myth of the Great Flood is reminiscent of a great flood whose epicenter was the Mesopotamia. At the beginning of the last century, during excavations of the royal tombs of Ur, was discovered in a bed of clay separating two cultural layers. Only an overflow catastrophic of the Tigris and Euphrates could cause a fenómo as well.

According to other estimates, between 10 thousand and 15 thousand years. C. there was a huge flood in the area of the Caspian sea, which overflowed its banks covering an approximate area of one million square kilometers. The version was confirmed when the scientists found in the area of Western Siberia, sea shells, whose area of distribution nearest to you is located in the area of this sea. That flood was so great that the Bosphorus was formed a huge waterfall by the that they spent approximately 40 cubic kilometers of water (200 times more than the catarátas Niagara). The flow of such power would have lasted, at a minimum, 300 days.

This version seems a madness, but, to be certain, it definitely can not blame the old be hyperbolic.

The giants

In Ireland until the day of today are still telling legends about giants that could create an island with only throw a handful of earth into the sea. To the endocrinologist Márta Korbonits it occurred to him that the ancient legends could have a scientific explanation. Incredibly, the researchers found what they were looking for. In an enormous amount of inhabitants of Ireland of the discovery of the mutation of the gene AIP. It is, precisely, the mutation responsible for the development of acromegaly and gigantism. If in Great Britain one out of every two thousand people have this mutation, in Ulster has one of every 150.

One of the giants most famous of Ireland was Charles Byrne (1761-1783), that measured more than 230 centimeters. The legends, of course, give the giant of enormous strength, but not everything is rosy. People with acromegaly and gigantism often suffer from cardiovascular disease, have vision problems and pains of joints. Without treatment, many giants do not come to live until the age of 30 years.

The werewolves

The legend of the werewolf has several sources. In the first place, the life of human beings was always connected with the forest. Since antiquity more remote, there are engravings of hybrids of animals and humans. The people I wanted to be stronger, chose a totem animal and used its skin. It is on the basis of these beliefs that did effect the infusions hallucinogenic warriors consumed it before battles, picturing wolves invincible.

In the second place, the belief in the existence of werewolves is supported by a genetic disease suffered by some people: hypertrichosis, excessive growth of hair on the body and on the face, also called “the syndrome of the wolf-man“. In addition to the genetic disease, there is the psychological, also known as lycanthropy clinic, during the attacks in which people lose the reason, and all consciousness of his human condition, believing wolves. In addition, the disease escalates during lunar phases specific.

By the way, the wolf of the world-famous ”Little Red riding hood”, according to the original sources, it was nothing more and nothing less than a werewolf. And not ate the grandmother, but which is fed to the granddaughter.

The vampires

The porphyria is a rare form of genetic disorder that he suffers from one of every 200 thousand people. If one of the parents have porphyria, there is a 25 percent chance that the inherit the child.

The disease is characterized by the alteration of the metabolic pathway of heme, that causes the breakdown of the hemoglobin with ultraviolet radiation. The light of the sun causes great suffering to the patients with this disease, by which are forced to be confined in closed spaces during the day and can only come out to the street for the night.

When the disease occurs in severe form (you link is not suitable for susceptible!) the tendons of the patients are deformed, causing twisting of fingers. The skin around the lips and the gums are dry, the incisor teeth are discovered until the gums and acquire a reddish color. That is: all the signs of vampirism to the order. In addition, garlic increases the disease. Sufferers of porphyria were actively persecuted during the Middle Ages, in the heyday of the Inquisition: they are attributed to terrible atrocities and were burned in the bonfires.

The dragons

The theory of the connection between the bones of the dinosaurs and the dragons are confirmed in Mongolia. There, the word “dragon” is present in several geographical names. This is due to the fact that in some areas of the Gobi desert, any person can easily find dinosaur bones that are on the surface of the layered ground. There are still many, even today, so many that all the time there is excavation illegal.

An important detail: in Africa there is neither the myth, nor access to dinosaur remains.

But, why in the human consciousness the dragons appear as reptiles with claws and scales? Perhaps it is due to the acumen of the people. The outward appearance of a skeleton of dinosaur is similar to the bones of lizards, snakes and crocodiles modern. By the way, just the snakes and lizards sometimes develop not one, but two heads, like some of the dragons of the tales.

The centaurs

The image of the centaur was already known two millennia before Christ. Allegedly, he was born in Greece as the fruit of the imagination of the peoples who were civilized but not yet mounted a horse and that had been crossed for the first time with riders of any tribe, a nomad of the north: the Scythian, Cottages or Tauros. That explains the fierce centaurs. The nomads lived-mounted, were excellent archers, and rode to a lot of speed. The fear hiperbolizado a landowner who has seen for the first time to a human riding a horse with so much ability, to quietly could have been a story about a hybrid of man and horse.

However, Pliny the Elder, who lived in the first century of our era, wrote that he had seen with his own eyes to a hipocentauro preserved in honey and sent from Egypt as a gift to the emperor. It was believed that centaurs were the result of genetic experiments of the egyptian priests.

To the that do Great.guru this theory seems very weak, but considering that the scientists were able to cross a human being with a pig, the answer to the question if it is possible, it becomes less clear.

The maze of the Minotaur

According to the Greek legend, below the palace of king Minos had a huge labyrinth in which was imprisoned the terrifying Minotaur-a monster half-man, half-bull. The blood thirst tormented them both to the monster than its roar shook the earth.

The island of Crete, where he lived the monster, it is very interesting for its seismic activity. Part of it is on a continent called the Aegean sea plate, the other part on the oceanic plate of Nubia, which moves directly below the island. This geological phenomenon is called a subduction zone. It is in these areas where there is a greater risk of earthquakes. In Crete, the situation is exacerbated by the fact that the oceanic plate of Nubia is being pushed by the African plate (imagine how huge that is) and something happens phenomenal: by the interaction of the plates, the island is literally pushed to the surface. Since the birth of civilisation, Crete has experienced several of these climbs, some up to 9 meters. It is not surprising that the ancient people it seems that in the bowels of the island lived a monster furious, while each earthquake brought terrible destruction.

The cyclops

In Greek mythology, the cyclopes represent a group of characters that, in different versions, are divine beings (sons of Gaea and Uranus) or a specific town. Its most prominent representative was the son of Poseidon, Polyphemus, who lost his only eye in the hands of Odisseo. It was also believed that it was cyclops the people of the village scythian arimaspi.

In terms of the scientific explanation of this myth, in the year 1914, the paleontologist Othenio Abel suggested the possibility that has emerged from the discovery by the former of the skulls of elephants, dwarfs, since the nasal fossa central is easily confundible with a cavity with a giant eye. Curious is the fact that these elephants inhabit, precisely, the mediterranean islands of Cyprus, Malta and Crete.

Sodom and Gomorrah

We don’t know about you, but we thought that of Sodom and Gomorrah was just a well known myth and, rather, a representation of societies vicious. However it is a historical fact the more real.

Already about ten years ago in a place called Tell El-Hammam is carried out excavations of an ancient city. Archaeologists are confident that they found the Sodom biblical. The approximate location of the city was always known: the Bible described the “Pentápolis of Sodom” in the valley of the Jordan river. However, their exact location always inspired doubts.

Excavations began in 2006, and scientists found a huge ancient settlement surrounded by a powerful wall. According to the researchers, the people who lived there between the years 3500 and 1540. C. there is another variant for the name of the city, otherwise, the mention of a settlement so large it would remain in the written sources.

The kraken

The kraken is a legendary and mythical sea monster of giant size, a cephalopod, known by the description of the sailors. The first complete description was made by Erik Pontoppidan: he wrote that the kraken was an animal “the size of a floating island“. According to him, the monster is able to grab a large boat with the tentacles and drag it towards the bottom, but it is much more dangerous to the swirl that is generated when the kraken dives quickly to the bottom of the ocean. Or is that a sad ending is inevitable so if the monster attacks you, as if it escapes from you. It’s really creepy!

The scientific explanation of the myth of the ”terrible monster” is simple: the giant squid exist today and measure up to 16 meters in length. It is a spectacle truly impressive: in addition to suction cups, some species have tentacles, claws and teeth, although it may only represent a hazard to someone if they flatten. If even the modern man is horrified to encounter such a creature, what can you say of the fishermen of ancient times? For them, the giant squid was, without a doubt, a montruo mythical.

The unicorn

When you name a unicorn, immediately we imagine a delicate creature with a horn, iridescent in the front. It is interesting that we find in myths and legends of many cultures. The first images were found in India and have over four thousand years old. Later, the myth is spread all over the continent and came to the Ancient Rome, where they were considered real animals.

The main “candidates” for the role of the prototype of the unicorn are the elasmoterios: rhinos of the steppes euroasian who lived during the glacial period. A elasmoterio reminds partly to a horse (if you have imagination enough) with a horn extremely long in the front. It became extinct at about the same time that the megafauna main. But, according to the materials of the encyclopedia of Swedish and arguments of the researcher Willi Law, some copies may have existed long enough to enter the legends.

Bonus: the path of Moses

Surely every one of us has heard on the part of the Bible, which tells of how the waters were opened to Moses. But few people know that the same phenomenon can be seen near the island of Jindoin South Korea. Here, letthe waters between the islands are separated for an hour, opening a path wide and long! Scientists explain this miracle with the difference of time of high and low tides.

Of course, many tourists travel there: in addition to wandering the bottom of the sea, have the possibility to see the marine inhabitants that were left on the ground. Surprisingly, “the path of Moses” going from the mainland to the island.

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