11 Laws that are still all people boring

Psychologists claim that if the boredom comes into your life, the people around you seem boring, you lose interest in your work, and then you have to admit that the reason is not in the external circumstances, but in you. However, the people, in their majority, do not support that are mired in the routine and just become tedious. Of course, each person is more or less boring. But there are those who can be called, with security, teachers, of the boredom of level 99; these people share several qualities in common, of which we will tell below.

Today, Great.guru exposes all the bad habits of the people boring. Read and be aware of patterns of behavior more unpleasant, which can easily convert the individual more cheerful in a pathetically boring.

1. Do not separate from the phone

Perhaps one of the habits most annoying people little interesting is his habit of being glued to the phone. 89% of americans admits to being distracted periodically with the phone during a conversation. The majority of the people, whose partners are busy with the phone for a chat, considered that this type of attitude is boring and even rude. The surveys carried out by researchers from the united States showed that in a conversation with a person dependent on the phone, the respondents feel offended and cancelled; therefore, they attempt to shorten the communication.

  • Put away the phone, it is time to return to the real world. Believe me, the kittens in the wall of Facebook will continue to be feeling great without your “I like”.

2. They speak only of themselves

Those who only talk about themselves are the partners more horrible. Of course, all at times want to tell their sorrows or, to the contrary, to count their victories. But the people are boring they do this all the time; do not feel interest for those who maintain the conversation; they are not interested in topics that do not concern them personally.

  • If you have this weakness, is to introduce some constraints: assign 5 minutes to the complaints and spends the rest of the time to talk about other issues. When the situation gets out of control and you’ve been speaking to you alone for half an hour, sway the conversation and ask your partner about his affairs. The ability of empathy and active listening is the main quality of an interesting person.

3. Ceased to be surprised

In the world of today, with its frenetic pace, it is easy to become a cynical, disappointed with people, and losing the dreams of youth. Perhaps, we begin to forget what it is to feel surprised by something, to open up new perspectives, enjoy the details. People boring are difficult to satisfy, have already seen it all somewhere, there is news that may emocionarles. Your life will gradually become gray, they disappear all the bright colors, the events lose their currently.

  • To combat the boredom, the psychologists recommend to activate the “mind of a beginner”. He begins to learn something unexpected, contact with the unknown, rediscovers the world every day. The ability to learn is a valuable gift, and one should not forget it.

4. Satisfied with themselves

People boring are satisfied with themselves and do not want to take risks, even if they know that the risk is justified. In fact, the refusal to abandon the comfort zone is a by-product of the fear of the future and the uncertainty about the day of tomorrow. Remember, as said Shrek: “there is No us and no our, oh, I’m just me and my swamp!”. Sometimes we are all a little Shrek. It is the fear that prevents you from going out everyday and destroy the walls built by yourself.

  • But listen, maybe behind these same walls awaits a beautiful princess (maybe a donkey). In any case, do not kill the interest for the life: this is the main sign of boredom.

5. Do not read

Books help us to discover new worlds, and this is not just a cliché. The more you read, the more things you will know. The people are boring and prefer not to learn anything new, your fantasy is poor, and his conversations are the same. Studies show that regular reading develops a sense of empathy. It is the ability to empathise with what makes a person a really good friend and interesting interlocutor.

  • If you decide to fight the boredom by reading, follow these simple tips: read 14 books that are classics of literature, recognized all over the world, and then choose one of the best-selling books. We are sure that neither of you will notice how the reading you will absorb completely.

6. They are surrounded by people little interesting

People boring are surrounded by people little interesting -partners casual who do not share their interests, and do not have common goals. In fact, this environment is alien. But for the lack of better options, should maintain a relationship with unnecessary people.

  • You try to have relationships with people who share your interests. Attend events where you can meet like-minded people, find new acquaintances through the Internet: opportunities for new exciting encounters await you literally at every step.

7. They are obsessed with the impression they produce on others

What is the difference between charismatic people and boring? There are many variants of the answer, but the main difference is the naturalness. The people that are boring are too concerned about the impression they produce on others, are often rushing from one extreme to another: once they are afraid to be funny, then you are having fun so unnatural, trying to draw attention. In his book “Myths about the charism”, the talented coach and public speaker Olivia Kabayn argues that the charisma and attractiveness are not innate qualities, but that can be developed. The first and most important is that you are more friendly with others and don’t focus so much on yourself in the conversations.

  • Exhale. The people are happy and confident don’t worry about pleasing everyone. Be natural, don’t be afraid of looking ridiculous. Humor can melt even the heart of ice and make the communication more interesting.

8. Use clichés in conversations

People boring dialogue boring. And all for the fault of clichés and repetitions. Ask the same questions and receiving the same answers. In such conversations there is nothing personal; the speaker is not moved, everything is pure formality. The author of the book “The Eighth Skill” and the specialist in global leadership Steven Covey recommends showing respect for the personality of the partner, and talking about the issues that are important to him.

  • Begins to ask questions that really cares to the interlocutor if you want to feel at ease. Let the usual “How are you?”, ask your friend what they encourage their eager to talk.

9. Speak slow and tedious

Studies have shown that people tend to tell long stories are boring. Remember those endless conferences, when the teacher could spend hours circling the same topic, although the students had understood already for a long time. All probably have an acquaintance who tells jokes and pranks so long and monotonous that at the end of the narration already forget what I was talking about.

  • Don’t fall into the trap sticky of the monotony. The short stories and bright are the best remedy against a boring conversation.

10. They are afraid to dream of the future

People boring lack of imagination. You just simply can’t or don’t want to dream about the future or make plans. However, one of the main qualities of a speaker interesting and accessible, on all the human senses, is the ability to think wide and free. Psychologists believe that the absence of desires and signifiers do not allow people to make their dreams come true. If someone does not care about their own prospective, if you are not interested in your own future, what interest will be for the others?

  • If you don’t dream, then you just can’t make your dreams a reality. Imagine your life as you want it to be, and continues to the goal boldly.

11. They are perfectionists

The people are trapped in their comfort zone are desperately looking to order everything that surrounds you. Follow the rituals that they invented themselves, they ensure that everything around them is smooth and predictable.

Researchers from the University of Kent argue that perfectionism can take on forms anti-social: people simply do not want to communicate with those who put unattainable goals not only for themselves, but also for your environment. Perfectionists are often demanding and ruthless with his family.

  • Relax and let a little spontaneity in your life. There is No ideal order, and the events sometimes do not develop according to plan.

Who among your friends are people that you tired?

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