11 Calls and messages that you will never get from your bank

If you are the owner of a card of any bank, you have a very high chance of encountering any of these scammers that Great.guru brought together in this article.

We hope that the scammers will never achieve its task, but if you remember one thing: be careful!

1. Calls from an unknown number or hidden

An employee of a bank will always call from a special number (each country has its special number) or from a local number (with the code of the city in which is located the bank branches). In any case, both numbers can be found on the website of the lender.

2. Ask a lot of questions about your personal data

Even when you contact the bank, you might ask your name, your surname and a keyword. There is nothing to say when they will contact us. An employee of the bank has all the necessary information and if these data have changed, you will enter the system only after a personal visit to a branch.

It is very important to know that bank employees will never ask an SMS code or PIN that you and only you have to know it.

3. The other party cannot answer questions as simple

Based on the above-mentioned reasons, the operator phone or other employee of the bank is able to respond to questions about: the account balance of the card, the date the monthly payment for a loan, the location of a suspicious transaction and many other. If he is confused and doesn’t know what the answer is, you have to hang up immediately.

4. Rush you

The employee of the bank will normally wait calmly for a response or will contact you later, but you will never rush to respond. The words “immediately“ or ”urgent” are used by scammers to desestabilizarte and that you take hasty action.

5. Call or SMS alarming

At the time you receive negative information, or at times frightening, for example, the charge of fines, a higher interest on a loan or the blocking of a card, just take it easy and not make a precipitate action.

Called yourself to the bank and make sure that the SMS or the call has come from the number of officers of the bank. Scammers frequently try to cause fear in their victims, therefore it is easier to confuse them and to deceive them.

6. The name of the sender of an SMS or the short number bank officer, is shown incorrectly

Commonly we do not put the attention required in the number of an incoming message from the bank and begin to read the text only. Scammers know this and record contacts like the official.

Be careful, at this time, especially taking into account the ability of the brain to understand words, even the letters are out of order.

7. The messages become a conversation

The SMS from the bank will always come from one or two numbers familiar to you. Therefore, the chain of messages can not be greater. Don’t be in a hurry to enter the web site, or contact them via the instructions in the message.

8. Descriptions and errors in the SMS

Before the SMS sent to the customers of the bank, a team of professionals will work on the text. The probability of errors and descriptions in an official message of the bank is almost zero. Don’t let a scammer illiterate fool you.

9. I promise you a great benefit without much effort

It is unlikely that the bank wants to please you with an offer for participation in a contest where it is very easy to win, a position with a fabulous salary or change to a fabulous rate of interest that is inconsistent with the trend of global economic.

The goal of any lender is to make a profit. And this is reflected in the Federal Law on Credit Institutions of each country, there are institutions that live in the charity.

10. Insistentemene’t ask you to unsubscribe from the SMS service

If the obtaining of profits by the bank without doing anything is excluded, then the limited offers, or other products are a prática real. Periodically clients will be notified about the reduction of the rate of interest of your mortgage, also on a new deposit or special offers to obtain a credit card. Sometimes such SMS distracting and annoying.

Scammers fully understand this and submit proposals to opt out of the SMS service. But to the bank this will seem absurd and not helpful.

11. You cause to react with incorrect information

At the beginning you will receive an SMS with information that is false, the message will notify you at random (say, on a debt with the most popular product of any one bank: credit consumption). Possibly, the first time I will react to such a message. However, later you will send a message analogous and politely will tell you the number of the direct line in which you will be able to clarify the details (no cost).

It is true that the desire to solve this situation you can lead to lose all your balance in mobile. And this in the best of cases, if you are not still cheating the sender.

The bank fraud constantly acquire new unexpected forms to be carried out. Please share in the comments your methods to avoid falling into this type of fraud, and unmask the scammers!

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