11 Myths about diets and healthy eating we continue to believe and make us wonder why we don’t lower weight

Have a nice figure and lead a healthy life style in our times is something common in a large number of people. But not everyone can access the right information, first hand, how to do it properly without causing damage to our body.

In Great.guru we always support the quest to constantly improve, so we decided to put an end to some myths that prevent us from achieving good results.

11. All the products are divided into healthy and unhealthy

Among the food products that passed inspection and came to the counters of the supermarkets are not harmful, just some are more healthy than others.

The most important thing is to acquire healthy eating habits, because the damage only appears when there is abuse of some products. For example, there is nothing wrong with eating 2 or 3 slices of cold cuts at lunch, but eat half a kilo is quite another thing.

10. Your diet requires superfoods

The Goji berries, noni juice, spirulina, chia seeds, acai and the like generate expectations that are too high in many people. It is believed that these “miracle products” are able to solve important health problems. But the same word “superfoods” is not a scientific term and there is no proof of their “superbeneficios” by comparing them with conventional food.

These products are healthy, but for any person it will be much more vegetables, fruits and berries that grow in the area where he lives. However, people are more inclined to believe in a higher efficiency of the exotic products. It should not be forgotten that consume a large amount of a single type of food keeps us from getting all the essential nutrients that we need.

9. The genetically modified products are harmful to health

If the transgenic products pass the quality controls during the phase of their creation, these are not dangerous. The impact of these products on human health and the environment has been studied already for more than two decades and, according to the research, do not involve any danger, as is conventional.

8. Gluten-free foods are healthier

In recent years, the people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle advocate consume bakery products without gluten. However, the results of various studies confirm that such products are not more healthy than conventional, and even in your protein-based is inferior to these. The ones that really need this type of food are people who suffer from severe allergies or intolerance to gluten, but they are a minority. The claims of certain companies of food that the gluten-free foods are necessary for all are nothing more than a marketing strategy in which many fall.

7. The less you eat, the more lose weight

The lack of key nutrients and permanently is very harmful for our body. The shortage of food can lead to a disbacteriosis of the bowel. You can’t completely give up some products, especially those that contain protein. For example, meat contains one of the essential amino acids, tryptophan, responsible for good mood. But in order for the tryptophan to be able to reach the brain, the body needs glucose, something that is found in fruits and sweets.

A diet abundant and varied is the key to a good mood and a greater well-being. And it is something that greatly affects our ability to keep ourselves in good shape.

6. There are foods with negative calorie

There are No foods of calories negative, since digesting a product is not you may need more calories than they contain by themselves. Of foods like zucchini, cucumber or celery can be said to have zero calories, so it can be consumed without any limitation. But if we add to this an unlimited amount of foods rich in calories, the body will store fat and appear problems to metabolize.

The best combination is to eat vegetables are low in calories and lean meat, fish or chicken. This food provides enough vitamins, minerals and nutrients to build muscle tissue.

5. Alkaline foods are more healthy than the acids

It is estimated that the alkaline foods (vegetables, fruits, grains) are healthier for the body than the fatty acids (meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, and bakery), so the diet should be primarily based on the first. It is assumed that this is the best way to fight against the high acidity, damaging to the agency.

In reality, the human body is a system that works so well that it can’t happen any kind of “acidification”. But if, without any medical recommendation, is try to reduce the acidity of the gastric juice, can only be failures in the functioning of the digestive system to cause a poisoning, as the alkaline environment is not designed to digest the food coming in.

4. There are foods miraculous for the people to lose weight quickly

Professional nutritionists claim that there are no foods to miracle whose consumption causes a rapid loss of weight. No product is able to burn fat in much quantity so that a person begins to lose weight. The pineapple and the green coffee contain a lot of nutrients, but weight loss does not keep any relation with them.

In addition, a consumption in excess of these products can be harmful. For example, it is believed that the green coffee is best for weight loss than usual. He is attributed to the fact that roasting the green beans decreases the levels of chlorogenic acid, which helps to break down fat. However, there is not a scientific research in this field is actually proven, while the consumption of chlorogenic acid in large amounts, yes, it is harmful to the body, without any kind of doubts.

3. A diet very rich in proteins is widely beneficial to the body

Lately, high-protein diets have become very popular and many people are still in a constant manner. The minimum amount of carbohydrate and fibre give your body a chance to burn off energy, obteniéndola of adipose tissue, so that they disappear quickly the extra kilos. But this way of eating not only leads to suffer problems with digestion, but also reduce life expectancy and increase the frequency of the development of various diseases.

The experts recommend following a diet with moderate amounts of high quality protein (between 15 and 20 percent of total calories), a relatively low content of fat and a large amount of complex carbohydrates.

2. “Dry” the body is necessary for all those who dream with musculature defined

“Dry” the body is really needed in professional athletes, bodybuilders and competitors of bikini fitness. To better define the muscle mass in the light of the spotlights in front of the judges in a contest, submit to a diet that almost completely eliminates carbohydrates.

However, for the body, a system of this type is a real challenge. Excluding carbohydrates from the body, we deprive ourselves of the main source of energy, while the amount of physical exercises in this period of time always increases. In addition, the “drying” harms the body: it causes hormonal changes and later can produce a weight gain, loss of hair, deterioration of the skin and depression.

1. Detox, the best way to start a diet

There is No need to cleanse the body before you diet. Our body has its own filtration system that effectively removes harmful substances: the liver and the kidneys. The kidneys filter our blood and remove any residue obtained from the diet. The liver processes the drugs, disposing of the chemicals arrive in the stomach.

And you, do you have your own formula proven to keep you in shape? Tell us all the details in the comments.

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