11 Countries of the world need women

Demography is a strange thing. In some countries, for every 10 women there are 9 men and the female population have more weight, but in others it is the contrary, as more and more men are. The balance is tilted due to migrants, social problems and even the mentality.

In Great.guru we created a list of the countries in which they live few women. It writes in the comments where you’d go to save the heart of a single!

1. Norway

In Norway, there are 12 thousand men more than women. And it is still not so clear how to reduce this gender gap.

2. Iceland

In Iceland, on average, for every 100 females there are 104 males. Linked to this, there was a rumor that said that the Government of Iceland would pay money to foreigners who would like to marry with the icelandic, but was quickly denied.

3. Canada

In Canada, there are 250 thousand men more than women. This is related to the fact that women often leave the country for work and not return to their homeland.

4. Cyprus

Although there is a large flight of migrants, in Cyprus, of all modes are needed women.

5. China

In China, there are 34 million more men than women.

6. Finland

According to statistical data, in Finland there are more than 256 thousand men between 25 and 54 years who do not have a partner.

7. Italy

Italian women do not rush to get married and focus on their careers. Often go to other countries to study or work.

8. Sweden

The surplus of men is related to the refugees. At the moment there are less than 15 thousand women in Sweden.

9. India

Between the ages up to 24 years in India for 100 women, there are 110 men.

10. Switzerland

In Switzerland, as in Sweden, the surplus on the side of the male population is explained with the migration.

11. England

The priority of the girls English is her career, which, like the Italian, often going abroad to work.

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