11 Countries in the next year will not be the 2018

In what year are we? This question is not as easy as it seems since everything is relative. Human beings created calendars to measure the passage of time, but time is fleeting, you can’t even catch or mark it as a starting point and that is why it is so complex. How to find the start? How do you tell? What is the steps?

In this article Great.guru you will be on different calendars that are kept active. Calendars have existed for a long time and even their number was formerly greater. Despite everything, they continue to assets are sufficient to understand the subjective time.

In Russia come 2018

The majority of the countries has a calendar gregorian. It was introduced by Pope Gregorian XIII century, replacing the calendar julian. The difference between these calendars is now 13 days and an increase of 3 days every 400 years, so it was formed the party “The new year” old: as the new year, but by the julian calendar, which is still celebrated by the custom in several countries, but no one denies the new year today.

The julian calendar was introduced in 1582 in catholic countries, and little by little, for several centuries, it spread through other countries. According to this the 1 of January will come the year 2018.

In Thailand there will come a year 2561

According to the gregorian calendar the following year will be 2018, but in Thailand you will reach the 2561. Officially this country follows the lunar calendar buddhist, where the chronology from the discovery of the nirvana by the Buddha.

But also used the usual schedule as us. Make exceptions for foreigners and the goods or documents may indicate the date according to the gregorian calendar. Furthermore, in Sri-Lanka, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar also use the buddhist calendar.

In Ethiopia, will arrive in the year 2011

The calendar of the ethiopian is delayed of the our in 8 years. In addition, you have 13 months a year, 12 months of 30 days and the last one is very short: it has nothing over 5 or 6 days, depending on if it is leap year or not. The day begins not at midnight, but with the departure of the sun. The ethiopian calendar is based on the ancient calendar of alexandria.

In Israel will come in the year 5778

The Hebrew calendar is used officially in Israel along with the gregorian. According to this calendar, we celebrate the Hebrew festivals, days of memory and birthday of family members. The months of this calendar arrive strictly at the new moon and the first day of the year (Rosh Hashanah) are always the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. For that Rosh Hashanah comes the day of the week, the current year is prolonged by a day.

The Hebrew calendar begins with the first new moon, which arrived on Monday, 7 October 3761.C at 5 o’clock and 204 parts. The time in the Hebrew calendar consists of 1,080 parts and every part consists of 76 moments.

In Pakistan there will come a year 1439

The muslim calendar is used to determine the dates of religious festivals and is regarded as the official calendar in some muslim countries. The chronology takes away from the date of the transfer of the prophet Mohammed and the first muslims from Mecca to Medina (622 a.d.C).

The days in this calendar start with the sunrise and not midnight. The beginning of the month is the day on which the crescent moon appears for the first time after the new moon. The length of the year in muslim calendar is 10 or 11 days shorter than the solar year and the months change depending on the seasons. Those months were in the summer, after a time you will be in the winter and vice versa.

In Iran will reach the year 1396

The iranian calendar or Hijra solar is the official calendar in Iran and Afghanistan. This astronomical calendar was drawn up with the participation of Omar Jayam.

The chronology of the iranian calendar as the muslim initiates of the Hegira, but it is based on the solar year, so the month always fall on the same season of the year. The week of the iranian calendar begins on Saturday and ends on Friday, which is considered as a day of the weekend.

According to the hindu calendar will arrive in the year 1939

The calendar indian national was developed and adopted almost a short time ago, in 1957. It is based on calculations of the era of saka, and it is a system of chronology ancient widespread in India and Cambodia.

Also, in India, there are other calendars used by difererntes peoples and tribes. Some take the date of the death of Krishna (3102 to.C) as a starting point, others the arrival of Vikram in the year 57, and which are governed by the buddhist calendar starts counting from the death of Gautama Buddha (543 d.C).

In Japan will reach the 30 year

In Japan it is in effect the chronology from the birth of jesus Christ and the traditional,the basis of which is calculated by years of rulership of the emperors of japan. Each emperor gives a name to the era, that is as a theme of his governorship.

From 1989 on Japan is “Epoch of peace and quiet,“ currently, the throne is occupied by the emperor Akihito. The previous time it was called ”The world illuminated”, which lasted 64 years. In most of the official documents it is customary to use two dates: the gregorian calendar and the calendar of the current era of Japan.

According to the chinese calendar will reach the year 4716

The chinese calendar is used in Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam and other asian countries. The chronology takes from the arrival to the power of the emperor Huangdi in 2637.C.

The calendar is cyclical and is based on the astronomical cycles of Jupiter. This ignores the sun five times during 60 years, these are the five elements of the chinese calendar. One rotation of Jupiter around the Sun takes 12 years, these years in the calendar were given names of animals. In 2018 (according to the gregorian calendar) will come the year of the Dog.

In North Korea there will come a year 107

The calendar Juche is used in the Democratic people’s Republic of Korea from 8 July 1997 along with the calendar of the birth of jesus Christ. The starting point is 1912, which is the year of birth of Kim Il-Sung, the founder of the state of north korea, the president eternal of Korea. The year of his birth is the first year, there is a year zero in the calendar.

When writing dates, in north Korea you have to use two calendars. The gregorian calendar date is indicated in parentheses next to the date of the calendar Juche.

Bonus. How old are you?

Not only the time I was able to calculate in different ways. It turns out that the human age is not all that easy. In many cultures of East Asia, the human age is calculated according to your system. The calculation goes from one and not from zero. A newborn baby already has a year. The age increases with the arrival of the new year and not the birthday, that is to say, according to this system, on the arrival of the new year, all the family gathered at the festive table simultaneously will be one year more. And it turns out that the age of an asian may differ in a couple of years of age of a european, even if they were born on the same day.

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