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In general, we do not know the true value of the things that we possess. And we’re not just talking about the good thing that we got out in 2017, but the things that you currently can cost much more than their owners would have been able to imagine.

In Great.guru made a list of people incredibly lucky. Warning: after this you’re going to want to clean up the attic of your grandmother!

He discovers a painting of 390 thousand USD after the purchase of a lot

This small painting was part of a lot at an auction which cost only USD 46. He brought to his owner, Robin Darvell, the enormous sum of 390 thousand USD, after being identified as a work by the painter John Constable.

Original drawing of Andy Warhol

In 2010, the british entrepreneur Andy Fields bought several small paintings at a garage sale for $ 5 and decided to go back to them. Behind a frame old, he found a sketch that ended up being a Warhol original. After being evaluated, the specialists came to the conclusion that this little sketch costs around 2 million USD.

Sauce Mcdonald’s

Do you ever think that a visit to Mcdonald’s could make you very rich? Well, that is exactly what happened to the people who received sauce Szechuan in times past. Popularized by the famous television program Rick and Morty, this sauce can be sold on eBay for up to 15 thousand USD.

Fragment of meteorite of £800.000

Sometimes people just take a walk over mines of gold or fragments of meteorites, as found in Chelyabinsk after a meteor fell on the city. The larger fragment found was valued at £800,000 in (1.072.266 USD).

This piece of pizza costs 1 million USD

Some designers of pizzerias have tastes quite expensive. For example, they used a piece of furniture of the SEVENTEENTH century, which represents the blessing of the Pope to a crowd, just outside the bathrooms in a pizza restaurant in Yorkshire, in England. The estimated price of the piece, which of course no one knew, is approximately 1.6 million USD.

Old TV bracket that costs 10 million USD

Used as a TV support and as a bar in different moments of its existence, this old chest was the Chest of Mazarin. After the evaluation, it was sold for 7.3 million USD and is now valued at nearly 10 million. The funny thing is that I was in the house of an engineer, just a 3-minute walk from the Victoria and Albert Museum, where they were looking desperately for this treasure chest.

This bowl found at a garage sale, it cost 2.2 million USD

Don’t hold your cereal! Well, actually, your plate. It is possible that what you’ve found for $ 3 at the garage sale of a neighbor, but maybe you bought one that is worth 2.2 million USD, as happened to a family in New York. The container of ceramic measures 5 inches in diameter and has a drawing in the form of saw tooth engraved in the outside. This was sent to one of the most important businessmen of the world in London, Giuseppe Eskenazi, at the auction house Sotheby’s in New York.

This bowl old cost 250 thousand USD

John Weber, a 70 year old man from England, used the cup for target practice until he discovered it was worth about a quarter million USD. It is made of solid gold Achaemenid, dating back to the century 3 or 4 to.C.

This certificate of shares of Coca-Cola is worth around 130 million USD

What about garage sales? You can find the best things in the world there! Like Tony Marohn did in 2008. Bought a box of things, including some documents of his neighbor. Between them, he found a certificate of 1917 by 1.625 shares in the company Palmer Union Oil. This company merged with Coca-Cola in the course of years, and this action is now worth 130 million USD.

Photos of Ansel Adams that cost 200 million USD

This story is fairly well known. Rick Norsigian, the “hunter of garage sales”, bought 2 boxes of photographs and negatives for 45 USD. Keeping the negatives under his pool table for 4 years, Rick didn’t know they had a great value: 200 million USD to be exact. Turned out to be Ansel Adams, an american photographer and environmentalist.

Antique vase that cost 71 million USD

If you’re not so interested in cleaning up the attic, think twice. Perhaps follow in the footsteps of a couple of Middlesex found a old vase chinese while cleaning the home of their parents. When subastaron, quickly realized that this vase was worth £53.105.000 (approximately 71.083.156 USD).

Make sure to share with us other surprising discoveries that we might not have included in this list. Now go to the garage sale closest!

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