11 Evidence that our world is a place completely unpredictable

How much do we know about our world? Do we wonder if our knowledge is true or just appears to be? How many more surprises not coming in our planet and the Universe?

Great.guru gives you these little known facts that probably make you look a different way than the world around you.

1. Kiribati is the only state in the world that is in all four hemispheres

The island state of Kiribati, located in the Pacific, takes up less space than London. However, it has a surprising feature: it is located simultaneously in both the global south, north, east, and west. It happens that in the territory of Kiribati there is a point of intersection of the meridian of longitude 180° —which divides our planet into hemispheres, eastern and western— and the Equator —which divides the Earth into the northern and southern hemispheres.

2. The Declaration of Independence of the united States was signed on July 2, 1776

The room where was signed the Declaration of Independence.

It is commonly believed that the Declaration of Independence was signed July 4, 1776, is now celebrated as the Day of the Independence of the united States. But what is true is that the signing of the declaration by the representatives of the 13 newly-formed took place on July 2 and 4 was approved by the Second Continental Congress.

3. The embryos of the sand tiger shark devour each other in the womb

In the two uteri of the female of the bull shark may be more than 50 embryos. When one of the embryos reaches measure about 10 centimeters, begins to eat the others, giving everything you need to develop and grow. During the whole period of gestation, which lasts between 8 months and a year, the female continues to produce eggs that provide food for the young cannibals.

4. The age of a giant squid can be determined by the annual rings

The giant squid have special organs, the estatocistos, necessary for the orientation in the space. In the estatocistos, filled with fluid, “floating” formations solid called otoliths, which during the movement irritated some special receptors that give the brain the signal about the position of the body. In otoliths where are the rings, similar to those used to determine the age of trees and, interestingly, of the squid.

5. In times of segregation, in the united States there was a guide for african americans

Between 1936 and 1966, in the united States, sold a edition little common called “The Green Book“, written by a common employee of the post office, Victor Hugo Green. It was a guide of places in which african americans, without fear for his life, couldn’t eat, sleep or just to use the bathroom.

6. The Islands Diómedes belong to Russia and to the united States at the same time

The Islands Diómedes are found in the Bering strait, at a distance of 35 km from Chukotka as Alaska. This archipelago consists of two islands: Ratmánov and Kruzenshtern, the first of which belongs to Russia, and the second, to the united States. The distance between them is less than 4 miles, but the time difference is 23 hours, because here is where the line of change of date.

7. The animal most ancient of the Land died by the fault of the scientists

Mollusk Arctica islandica

The animal planet’s oldest, the mollusk Arctica islandica, found in the coast of Iceland, lived, according to the scientists, 507 years ago, that is to say that was the same age as Christopher Columbus. The “involuntary homicide“ occurred when the scientists opened the ”home” of the mollusk to count correctly the annual rings of the shell. It has probably been the only mollusk in the world who has received a name: the scientists called it Ming, by the name of the dynasty that ruled China at the time of his birth.

8. Marlon Brando introduced the fashion of the shirts

It is well known that, originally, the shirts were used as undergarments and dress publicly was as permissible as going out on the street in his underwear. However, after the premiere in the 1951 film “A streetcar named Desire”, where Stanley Kowalski, played by Marlon Brando, practically all the time he was wearing a t-shirt, the attitude toward this garment changed. Anyway, just started to be used massively in the years ’60.

9. The amount of chess moves possible it’s more the amount of atoms in the visible Universe

In 1950, Claude Shannon, using a mathematical calculation, we established that the number of chess moves possible is 10^120. At the same time, according to the scientists, the number of atoms in the entire visible Universe is about 10^80. That is to say, a third less.

10. The people kill 100 million sharks per year

The shark is considered the predator most dangerous to man. But, in reality, the man poses to sharks a far greater danger: the human being kills close to 100 million copies a year. Put another way, an hour of killing more than 11 thousand of these marine inhabitants that, by the way, very rarely attack humans: the number of people killed by sharks per year is 5 to 10.

11. The corn flakes were used as a remedy against the sexual desire

Sanitarium Kellogg, circa 1900

John Harvey Kellogg, the man to whom we owe the invention of the corn flakes, throughout his life he was an opponent of sex and of various manifestations of sexuality. In addition, he was the first to create a sanatorium integral where, among other things, it was served a special menu, designed to decrease the sexual desire of the patients. Had No meat, but during the breakfast we were served the corn flakes invented by him.

Bonus. The book “Everything men know about women”

In the book “Everything men know about women” there are about a hundred empty pages. We don’t have anything to add.

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