11 Simple rules of table manners that people violate most often

Even the simpler meetings with relatives are also a ceremony that has its own rules. Follow the rules of the tag if only because they help that everyone at the table are comfortable.

Great.guru has compiled for you the most common errors in the behavior at the table. Spoiler: the most important is the last.

1. Be stuck in the social networks

Have the cell phone on the table is a sign of bad manners. Besides, it is not hygienic. It is best to put the phone in vibrate mode and keep it in the pocket. It is worth remembering that for a person well educated all the virtual contacts are side. If in the middle of dinner suddenly called someone to whom you have to answer yes or yes, to apologize, abandon the table and resolve all the urgent problems as quickly as possible.

2. Begin eating first

Even if everything looks very delicious and you’re hungry as if you had not eaten for 7 days, do not start to eat only (or even that piece of cheese that looks at you directly). In the restaurant we hope that you all have your orders and the woman sitting at the table I began to eat. When we are invited to a house is to wait until the hosts begin to eat.

3. Serve a salad in silence

If you sit in front of the dish community, you must first offer it to other guests and then serve. And if the specialty of the owner of the house is in front of your dining companion, then he is the one who have to serve today. Simply ask for help politely. Important: in the table is passed using the right hand.

4. Put the cutlery used on the table

The spoons, forks and knives at least once used, should be in the dish so you don’t stain a tablecloth festive. There must be during a conversation. Yes, stir a spoon dirty in front of the other man’s nose is a sign of bad manners.

5. Bite the bread

To eat more of these muffins French smooth and remain polite, you should only take into account 2 points. First: do not cut the bread with a knife. Second: do not bite with your teeth a large piece of bread. It is better to break off boasting small pieces with the fingers as necessary.

6. Toquetear the tea bag

The best way is to take out the teabag with a spoon (without touching the rope with your hands), tighten slightly with the edge of the cup and place it in the top left of the saucer. There we also made the packaging of tea and packet of sugar.

7. Put the butter from the common dish

It is considered polite to first put a little butter on your plate and then put it in the pan. In this way the bread crumbs will not fall into the common dish.

8. Pass salt only when you ask for it

If you used the salt, offer it to your dining companion. There may be people who are very shy who prefers to eat without salt before you ask someone. Important: the salt shaker is always given along with the pepper shakers on a stand. It is more correct to not deliver it in your hands, but put it on the table next to your neighbor.

9. Look at the cup when we

Down or look away after a toast is considered rude. The more difficult task is to sustain the view with the person with which you do the toast without stain across the tablecloth, that is to say, to provide, without ceasing to look at the person and not to spill the drink. If the toast is in your honor, it’s worth the wait for everyone to empty the glasses and then take yours.

10. Grooming in public

Grooming in public, even if no one is watching, it is a taboo. The comb, the stick and the finger with which you want to scratch your ear, they should be used only in the bathroom.

11. Give to understand who is the polite here

The worst mistake of a connoisseur of the etiquette is to tell everyone the rules and make fun of people. This will erase all the efforts on the table. Even if your neighbor has a napkin tucked behind a necklace, puts it on the table all the gadgets, eating, making noise with the mouth open and shoves a fork in front of yours, we believe in you: you can’t take it. Have patience. Here we recommend you an effective technique from the tibetan monks to calm down.

And in your family, what is the rule of conduct more important on the table? Please share in the comments!

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